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5+ Ways Meghan Markle Broke Royal Tradition As A Mom

Meghan Markle is not your average royal. In fact, after she and Prince Harry tied the knot, Meghan has stirred up a lot of controversy over at the palace over her unique and individualistic ways of being a wife, and a mother.

While Meghan is most definitely part of the Royal Family, she dances to her own beat.

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Meghan has broken "royal protocol" dozens of times — but, when it comes to being a mom, she's done it even more so.

1. Meghan had a baby shower.

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While no royal would ever think to have a shower — as they don't need to ask friends and family for gifts — Meghan decided it's what she wanted to do.

She flew all the way to New York City to have a lavish shower with close friends.

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The list was obviously incredible, including close friend Serena Williams.

And, it was pricey.

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According to reports, the shower was $200,000 — which, made a lot of people in the Royal Family a bit disturbed.

Also, can we talk about that cake topper??

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Apparently, Meghan's baby shower cake featured her and Harry as the cake topper. Cute!

2. She kept her baby plans private.

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Most royal moms-to-be before her shared intimate details with the press about plans for birth and delivery.

Instead of giving details, she issued a simple statement.

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In the statement, she and Prince Harry said: "Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private. The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family."

3. She didn't do the typical "Lindo Wing" photoshoot post-birth.

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Many royals take photos outside of the famous Lindo Wing after giving birth and leaving the hospital. However, Meghan and Harry didn't even do the delivery at Lindo Wing.

According to his birth certificate, Archie was born elsewhere.

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Apparently, Archie was born at Portland Hospital in Westminster, and they decided to do something a bit different with their post-birth photoshoot, too.

4. Meghan chose a completely unique name.

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As anyone who follows the Royal Family knows, names are everything. However, Meghan chose to name her son Archie — a completely new and unique name in the family tree.

5. She also only gave Archie two names.

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Royal tradition has it that most kids have four names — yes, four! William and Harry both have four names; Harry's is actually Henry Charles Albert David. However, Archie only has two: Archie Harrison.

6. They also used Harry's last name, instead of his county.

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Royals traditionally don't have last names. Usually, they are referred to by the county they are from/rule. For example, "Harry, Duke of Sussex." Instead, however, they refer to Archie as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

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