9+ People Who Are Probably Going To Regret These Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a big decision. One that is not to be taken lightly because, after all, it's going to be permanently inked into your body. So, before you make that important decision, make sure you really think it over.

Because the last thing you want is to have tattoo regret as these people did.

1. Penta What?

Reddit | u/matthewjhendrick

First of all, strike number one is doing a home job tattoo. Strike two is not knowing the difference between a pentagram and the Star of David.

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2. Perfect Resemblance

And there are the actual baby picture tattoos which are so popular, especially if you're a first-time dad. Just make sure you pick the right artist. Yikes.

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3. Here's Freddie

Getting a tattoo of your favorite singer is a great way to honor their talent. But in this case, Freddie would run away screaming. This is terrible.

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4. Unusual Fandom

And speaking of being a fan, just make sure your tattoos aren't cringe-worthy. I mean, you wouldn't want to be in this situation. Would you?

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5. Simpsons Fan

You'd think it would be easy to get your favorite cartoon character tattooed, huh? Well, as you can see, that can pose a problem as well.

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6. Regretful Decision


I feel so bad for this poor soul here. But it doesn't look like they made a great decision with this misspelled tattoo. And it's so big!

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7. Punishment Tattoo

Reddit | notharrystylesatall

I dunno why this guy thought getting this tattoo was a good idea. Now he looks like someone tried to slash his throat in jail. Just awful.

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8. Double Negative

Reddit | Bluto2008

If this doesn't make you want to stay in school, I dunno what will. If he did he would have learned not to use a double negative.

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9. Unfortunate Accident

Reddit | u/gurantee02

If you can believe it, this tattoo was supposed to be a bunch of stars. Now it looks like she's got an unfortunate case of ants.

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10. Going Straight To Your Head

Reddit | u/channingpotatertots

It's really awesome to have a belief in life and really stick to it but please, people, don't tattoo it on your forehead. Ugh!

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11. Don't Try To Make Predictions With Your Tattoo

Reddit | ChubaccaBacc

Spoiler: The Patriots didn't win the Superbowl that year. Yikes.

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12. Seriously, Even If You're A Hardcore Fan, Don't Do This

Reddit | nOeticRon96

Spoiler: England did not win the 2018 World Cup. Let this be a lesson!

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13. Even Celebs Aren't Immune

Reddit | BrannyMuffins

Ariana Grande had a tattoo fail when she accidentally got the Japanese characters for "BBQ" instead of "7 Rings" tattooed on her hand.

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14. It Even Happened To Lady Gaga

She accidentally messed up her music note tattoo and advised others not to drink and tattoo.

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15. Wolf Pack

Wolf tattoos are supposed to tell the world that you're an independent leader. This one just kind of looks derpy.

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16. Not Sure What They Were Going For

I can't tell if this is supposed to be peacock feathers...or an abstract design...or?? I'm seriously at a loss.

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17. Spellcheck Is A Must For Tattoos

If there's one reason to pay attention to spelling and grammar in school, it's to avoid a future tattoo fail.

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18. Sometimes A Spelling Mistake Can Be Reversed (Sort Of)

At least they caught this typo and corrected it...kind of.

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19. Just Why?

This isn't a poorly done tattoo, it's just questionable. Why would anyone want this?

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20. Not Sure What This Is

I'm seriously at a loss here. Ugh, this is so weird!

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21. Not Marilyn

Is it just me, or does she look a little cross-eyed?

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22. You Get Your Money's Worth

When it comes to tattoos, don't try to score a discount. You definitely get what you pay for.

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23. I Think It's A Lobster...

Or a bug, perhaps? Not sure, but I can applaud this person's commitment to a full back tattoo.

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24. Two Little Letters Can Make All The Difference

"Angel" and "Angle" look similar but mean totally different things.

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25. Hmmmm...

I know what they were trying to say, but it took me a second to un-jumble the words.

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26. Not Jammin'

Seriously, don't get a tattoo of your celeb idol unless you know the artist can actually do portraits.

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27. So Close!

They were just one letter off from a tattoo that makes sense.

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28. Oops

Reddit | misfitsmanitoba

Perhaps before you get a tattoo of a random symbol you should find out what it means. Apparently, this one is used on dogs to show that they've been neutered, but this guy didn't know that.

I don't think this tattoo is going to be an attractive feature to have inked on your arm. OMG! Dying here.

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29. These Spelling Errors

Somehow I don't think the mother of this guy is going to be all that proud of this tattoo. It looks like he should've stayed in school just a tad bit longer.

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30. This Joker

You know your tattoo is pretty bad when even the police make fun of it. Wow, and these guys thought they were some thugs. LOL! This is hilarious to say the least.

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31. Come Again?

Um, what were they trying to say here? I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty confused with this message. There's no way I can figure this out without someone's help. Ha, ha!

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32. This Irony

Reddit | letsgettschwifty

Um, clearly some things are, like this awful tattoo job here. Not only is the writing terrible, but this tattoo is pretty crooked as well. Somebody needs to get a laser job done ASAP.

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33. If Not Now Then When

Oh lordy, it looks to me like this person is a fan of word jumbles. I just don't think this type of word jumble makes for a good tattoo design. Am I right?

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34. Thanks Mom

OMG, I can't believe this person actually got exactly what their mom said to them in a text message. They really couldn't think of anything better for a tattoo idea. This is definitely a first for me.

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35. This Compass

Reddit | therealdeathangel22

This is what happens when your friend shows up with a new compass tattoo and you wait three days to tell him that they got it wrong. I guess he never learned "Never Eat Shredded Wheat" in school. Ha, ha!

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36. This Metallica Tribute Tat

You'd think that, if you're a die-hard fan of Metallica, you would actually know how to spell the band's name. But I guess that would be asking too much. Right? Wow, that's so classic.

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37. Just A Detail

Reddit | wagsforever

Guys, if you're getting a tattoo of your kid's birthday, maybe you should run it by the wife. I don't think she would've forgotten that one.

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38. Right On

Reddit | ojibwesaying

So at first glance, you wouldn't think anything was wrong with this cute Super Mario-inspired tattoo, but just look closer. He's got two right hands. Oops.

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See, this is exactly why it took me two years to decide on my first tattoo.


I did so much research and made sure I found a good artist. There!

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