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Adorable Elephant Mug Has A Built-In Spot For Your Bag Of Tea

Sydney Brooman 12 Aug 2019

Summer is ending, which means it's almost the unofficial best season of the year: fall.

Beautiful colors; fashionable clothes; perfect temperature; decaying trees reminding us at every waking moment how close we are to the inevitability of death—what's not to love?

One of the best things about autumn is that people stop shaming you for drinking delicious hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate and tea. Sure, us coffee shop fanatics drink that ish all year around, but soon, it'll actually make sense to do so.

And when I say tea, I mean hot leaf water.

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That's something that's important to clarify in 2019.

When I spill my tea, I'm not letting my buds in on the latest juicy gossip I've heard—I'm headed to the ER for the second degree burn I just got on my leg after actually spilling my tea.

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As per usual, Urban Outfitters has us covered for the latest in tea cup innovation.

Urban Outfitters

Uh, yeah, of course Urban Outfitters doesn't just sell clothes. Where have you been?

This adorable elephant cup isn't just any old coffee mug being used for tea⁠—it's specifically for tea.

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The mug has a little pouch to hold the tea bag after your drink is done steeping.

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Cute and practical. Almost as cute and practical as having me as a girlfriend. Just thought I'd throw that in there. That's the real tea sis.

The mug holds 10 ounces of liquid, and is designed to look worn to give it that "pottery relic" look.

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It's also dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Though it's currently unavailable on Amazon, you can pick up the Elephant Tea Mug at Urban Outfitters for less than $20.

Be tea-shamed no longer my people. Boldly go where no tea drinker has gone before. Except, you know, the other people also buying this mug.

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