Jason Momoa Can't Move Forward With 'Aquaman 2' Until He Fixes Hawaii

The last thing the DC Universe needs is one of it's biggest stars refusing to do a sequel for one of it's most successful movies... but that's what they've got!

Let's talk about the DC Universe.


Because... well... hm... I have to try and remain impartial here, and I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so I have to choose my words carefully...

They've been trying real hard.


And good for them! If this was grade 6 track and field, they would get the very best participation ribbon that the teachers could give out!

As opposed to Marvel, who's taken first, second, third, fourth...

Fifth, Sixth...


You get the point. They haven't been doing as well as their arch-nemesis.

Hey, it is kind of like a superhero story, isn't it? The hero (Marvel) goes up against a villain (DC) with similar, slightly darker powers than themselves!

And the villain loses!


Shoot, I was supposed to be nice!

However, there is one standout film above the rest of them: and that is Aquaman. Oh, and Wonder Woman, but that movie isn't in the title of this article.

It was...


Action-packed, it had a sense of humor and above all: it was fun, unlike a lot of the overwhelmingly bleak, cheap Marvel knock-offs that DC has been producing as of late (still trying to be nice, I swear).



It's probably in DC's best interest to do a second movie if only to keep their universe alive for the next couple of years.

Well, as much as they'd like to...

But they might not be able to.


For you see, the movie's charismatic star, Jason Mamoa (Game Of Thrones fans will know him as Khal Drogo) is going through a bit of a pickle right now.

He's got a cause!


And promises that he won't be making a new Aquaman movie until his cause is addressed!

Now, folks, we must travel from the gorgeous, brilliant, undersea kingdom of Atlantis...

To the gorgeous, brilliant, over-sea state of Hawaii.


Recently, there have been talks about having a huge new telescope built there where we can see to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.



Actually, Jake, it's not cool.

The land they built it on has been completely destroyed and torn apart, and Jason Mamoa is pretty against them building this telescope on the island of Mauna Kea.



He would rather protect the island's natural beauty, as would (I assume) many of the other natives of the beautiful island.

However, the project cost $1.4 billion dollars, so it might still go through.

He's not the only celebrity getting on the "protect Mauna Kea" train.


None other than international superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been touting the horn of injustice, even going on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to go on about it.

Dwayne said:


"This is so much bigger than a telescope being built, this is humanity, these are human beings whose hearts are hurting, and I think any time situations like that come up... that's our indication that we gotta stop. Let's be considerate, let's be empathetic, and let's always take care of our people."

Here's his Instagram post...

And I have to warn all your virgin-eared spinsters out there, it does contain some cursing.

I would have removed it, but I don't want Jason Mamoa to beat me up. Know now that you, in fact, have been warned.

What's your take?


Do you think this is a good cause for Jason Mamoa to take?

Or is it just another example of a celebrity trying to get some goodwill by taking a cause?