11+ Husbands With A Hilarious Take On Married Life

Married life can be a truly amazing experience but it can also have its challenges. Men and women look at things differently and that can oftentimes create a unique set of issues.

Take it from these husbands who shared their take on married life in the most truthful and hilarious ways.

1. Because Women Always Want Choices

Twitter | @Social_Mime

If you haven't been married long enough you may not know this but women always want choices. So picking one is never good enough.

2. When You're Not Speaking The Same Language

Twitter | @DadZZZasleep

I bet this gets him every single time. LOL. You'd think he has learned his lesson by now. Eh? Not so much.

3. Even You Can Be Replaceable

Twitter | @TwinzerDad

Just when you thought your wife couldn't possibly find anyone to replace you with then comes Target. They've got s**t for everything. True.

4. Always Get The Best Picture

Reddit | MeanShare

Unless you're one of those husbands that always takes the worst picture of his wife, get her best angles. Happy wife, happy life.

5. Because Ladies Like It Their Way

Twitter | @iwearaonesie

Oh, what a rookie mistake here. When you get married and move in with your wife know the house is her domain. He, he.

6. You Must Always Consult The Wife

Reddit | Random3x

And what about this poor schmuck that actually thought he can sneak this one by his wife. No, dude. Just don't do it.

7. Don't Use The Good Towels

Twitter | @_troyjohnson

Don't you know it by now, the good towels are for visitors only. So get your dirty paws off of them already. Geez.

8. Because Women Are Complicated

Reddit | Kravenprime

Yes, there are more colors than just a few shades of gray. So use this guide whenever your wife asks you something color related.

9. Don't Be Surprised If This Happens

Twitter | @KentWGraham

Hey, at least you've got some rhythm now, eh? That's not such a bad thing. Is it? I don't think so.

10. When You Find True Love

Reddit | rodeler

When your wife gives you this as a present you know you have really found your match. That and you totally agree with it.

11. Always A Losing Situation


This makes it seem like no matter what some husbands do they're always on the losing end. Well, welcome to #marriedlife lol. True dat.

12. Women Are Always Cold

Reddit | whoflungpoomunkey

'My wife has low iron and is always cold but I honestly believe I married a ninja.' Haha. I can totally relate to that.

13. Having Your First Kid Can Be Too Much

Reddit | MbynX

Women are true warriors. I dunno why men even go to the delivery room when most of the time this happens.

Ha, ha, ha, it's quite hilarious to see how husbands view married life.

No matter how different we are from each other it sure does keep things interesting. Doesn't it?