7+ People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Near An Appliance Again

Do you have a love and hate relationship with certain household appliances? I think I do. I mean, they help us do stuff and all, but on the other hand, I feel like sometimes they hate us. But at least I know how to use them.

These people, however, completely misjudged what their appliances were designed for and used them in the most inappropriate way with tragic results.

1. The Microwave Is Not A Dryer

Reddit | NotKay

Why do people think that they can just dry their stuff in the microwave? Huh? It's not a dryer, people.

2. Things Will Explode

Reddit | raspberrypieboi18

And speaking of the misuse of the microwaves, in this photo, a kid put an already boiled egg into this microwave to warm it up. This was the result.

3. When You Put Too Much Detergent In The Wash

Reddit | shmottlahb

You know you put just a bit too much detergent in your wash when your whole neighborhood is like this.

4. Microwaving A Sandwich

This person found out the hard way that one minute can make a world of difference when it comes to using the microwave. LOL!

5. Putting The Wrong Stuff In The Washing Machine

Reddit | MarkHFX

I really don't miss this type of washing machine because if you're not careful, they'll rip anything up to shreds.

6. When You Don't Even Make It Home

Looks like these ladies had some problems getting their washing machine home to begin with. Would they know how to use it?

7. Don't Put Your Phone In The Oven

Reddit | Quazarrito

Why would you put your phone in an oven to "warm it up"? I mean, how cold was that phone?

8. Don't Charge Your Phone In The Microwave

Reddit | bazmox

And this genius actually thought that he can charge his cell phone in the microwave. Where do people get this stuff from?

9. Don't Boil Pasta In A Ceramic Pot

Reddit | Sprok56

This is exactly the reason why metal pots were designed. A ceramic pot over the stove is never a good idea.

10. Don't Try This At Home

Seriously? How can this even happen? How can a person cement their own head inside a microwave oven? I have no words.

11. Don't Cook Popcorn In Glass Casserole

Reddit | JohnnyRedHot

Unless you want the popcorn to explode all over your kitchen, don't cook it in a glass casserole. Use a frying pan instead.

12. Cutting Boards Do Not Belong In An Oven

Reddit | ThinkingEmojiTime

The pizza doesn't look half-bad, but that cutting board has definitely seen better days. I don't even know how you would start to clean this up.

13. I Guess Pyrex Can't Withstand Temperatures Of 1000 Degrees

Twitter | @JacquelynGill

It seems like this would have been common knowledge, but I guess not... Yikes. That doesn't look good at all.

14. Are You Wondering What This Is?

Reddit | Jennyflur

Is it bread? Is it a giant muffin? Is it insulation foam? Well, as it turns out, it's a cake that was baked without the proper baking pan. Oh no.

15. Bubbles On The Floor Are Never A Good Sign

Reddit | lifeisntperfect

If your washer starts doing this, you better call a repair person ASAP. This is one of those rare cases where bubbles mean something is very, very wrong.

16. Don't Be This Person

Reddit | PR3DA7oR

Overstuffing a washing machine doesn't seem like that bad of an idea, but trust me when I say it is. This poor woman could barely keep the door closed.

17. I Guess You Can't Store Marshmallows On Top Of Your Toaster

Reddit | the_good_one88

My first thought was that this has to be the most delicious-looking fail ever. My second thought was that this person will need a new toaster.

18. Apparently, This Can Happen To Your Oven

Reddit | DereliqeMyBalls

I don't know how this happened, but this oven's glass door completely shattered. At least the chicken still looks good.

19. Don't Even Think About Putting A Plate In The Oven

Reddit | porkchop_expressmail

Plastic plates, much like cutting boards, will also melt in the oven. Huh, good thing I know this now!

20. That's Not Popcorn

Reddit | lifeisntperfect

This is the result of washing a memory foam pillow in the machine. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that pillow has seen better days.

21. Don't Put Dish Soap In Your Washing Machine

Reddit | Sandels2200

This idiot has learned his lesson. There's a reason they make detergent that's meant to be used in the washing machine.

22. A Scene From "The Shining"

Doesn't this look more like a horror movie scene rather than tomato soup that someone tried to warm up in the microwave? Wow.

I feel lucky that I've never had these types of problems using my appliances.

So my advice is that when it sounds too good to be true, don't do it.