10+ People Who Probably Regret Trying A New Look

Some of us go through a lot to look and feel beautiful. And it's totally understandable. Afterall outer beauty can bring a person more confidence. Just as long as you don't overdo it.

Why? Because sometimes this can totally backfire on you just like these poor souls found out the hard way.

1. Halloween Scare?

If this makeup is meant to be a Halloween scary look then I can forgive this lady. But otherwise, she needs professional makeup help ASAP.

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2. Leave That Lip Pencil Where It Belongs... In The '90s

As if this '90s lip liner trick wasn't terrible the first time around. People are still doing it.

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3. Smokey Eye Disaster

This is pretty much me every single time I try to perfect that sexy smokey eye look, only end up with raccoon eyes like these.

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4. They Make It Look So Easy

Reddit | addisonandjake

Why is it that Pinterest photos make hair transformations look so easy? When in reality this look is so hard to achieve.

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5. Plucked Away

I feel extremely sad when I look at this picture because now this woman has no natural eyebrows. All in the name of beauty. Bad idea.

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6. When You Pick The Wrong Barber


All this lady really wanted to be done with her hair is some layers. So, I have no idea what happened here...

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7. When You Just Give Up

Some of us have a hard time keeping up with the fabulous makeup bloggers out there, so we just give up on simple things.

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8. When You Try Hair Color At Home

And then you forget to time it right. Has this happened to you before? Thankfully I haven't had a disaster like this.

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9. Trying A New Look

If this doesn't turn you off of trying some crazy new look I dunno what will. Better off listening to mom. She knows best.

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10. When You Get Lazy

I know dying your eyebrows so you won't have to do them daily seems like a good idea at the time, but then this happened.

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11. All Wrong

There is so much wrong going on with this makeup I dunno where to even start. The eyebrows, the eyeshadow, and that horrid lip liner. Oh boy.

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12. Getting On The Face Mask Fad

I know everyone is trying these new face masks and sheet masks, but consider what you'll look like during the process. This is a little terrifying.

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13. Time To Seek A Professional

Very few people can actually paint their nails well. Just go to a salon next time, okay? Okay.

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14. This Is Painful To Look At

Instagram | @raoul_and_twistedlilfruitbat

Once again, you might want to reconsider those face masks. Some of them don't come off easily and you'll likely shed a few tears in the process.

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15. Are Eyelashes Supposed To Be That Long?

Instagram | @lmstudioink

I don't think they're supposed to extend past your eyebrows. Just sayin'.

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16. What Happens When You Don't Have Patience

Beauty takes time, and if you take off that face mask too soon, this could be your result.

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17. Do Your Research First

Before attempting any sort of cosmetic procedure like microblading, be sure to check the person's credentials. Otherwise, you could end up with four eyebrows.

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18. When You Miss A Spot

Self-tanning lotions can be so hit or miss. The worst is when you miss a spot and have to fess up to not having that natural glow.

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19. At Least It's Not A Perm

Trying to achieve those perfect curls can come with unexpected results, like these wild waves.

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20. Say Goodbye To That $50

When you decide to try a new look and spend a small fortune at Sephora on new makeup, this is the most heartbreaking outcome. With one drop, all your money goes down the drain.

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21. A Short Haircut Isn't For Everyone

Even though cropped cuts are in right now, they don't work for every hair texture.

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22. Keep You Hair Away From Paint

Some makeovers are accidental — like when you accidentally dip your hair in paint. Hey, I think she could rock this.

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23. This Picture Makes Me So Sad

Don't play with bleach on a whim.. unless you want to say bye-bye to your hair in the process.

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24. Oops...

Dyeing your hair can get pretty messy if you aren't careful. Maybe purple skin will become a new trend. Maybe?

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25. More Proof To Wear The Right Equipment During A DIY Dye Job

Unless you want to have purple hands, that is.

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26. Doesn't Quite Look Like The Box

Sometimes, our beauty expectations don't quite match reality. I think she looks good with this gray hair, though!

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27. Like A Horror Movie

Red dye is especially tricky. If you aren't careful, you could look like someone out of a horror flick.

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28. Worse Than Tan Lines

If this is what a self-tanner can go, I'd rather just risk going out in the sun and dealing with regular tan lines.

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29. Seeking A Clear Complexion

Oh my lord, what have we have here? This girl followed a new trend of making a DIY turmeric mask without doing all her research.

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30. The Worst Dye Job Ever

Imgur | heywheresperry

Take it from someone who's been dying their hair at home forever, never put a Walmart bag over your dye job. Use clear bags.

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And I thought I had some trouble putting on makeup but I never expected to see these crazy beauty fails.


Sometimes you're better off sticking to your old look instead.

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