Ron Burgundy Took Over Late Night TV And It Escalated Fast

Last week when it was announced that almost every show on late night television was going to be having a secret "special guest" on their August 8th episode, people all over the internet started guessing who it could possibly be. I don't think anyone got it right, because it was none other than Anchorman's own legendary Ron Burgundy.

Some people may have been disappointed.

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People online thought the "special guest" would be either Rihanna or Adele, since both of them have been rumored to have a new album in the works. Some people also thought it might be Taylor Swift, since her new album Lover is due out on August 23rd.

Most people, though, were impressed.

Not only did he appear on every single late night show, he did it in character, and brought something different to each show.

The move was to promote the second season of his podcast.

Yep, you read that right. Ron Burgundy has a podcast. And it's in its second season?

I mean, who doesn't have a multi-season podcast at this point?

Ron told some crazy stories.

On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Burgundy recounted the time that he got into a knife fight with Kylie Minogue. I guess he really couldn't get her out of his head!

He also did some stand-up and called out Shawn Mendes in the process.

When it came to Mendes' song If I Can't Have You, Burgundy said, "I wrote that song about Camila Cabello because she broke my heart, but now all the fans think that he wrote it about her, but he didn't. I did. I wrote the damn song. I swear to you I wrote the song and now I'm the laughing stock of the pop music world."

He gave stand up another... er, "exclusive" try on Jimmy Kimmel.

When he was on The Late Late Show With James Cordon, when Cordon asked why he was getting into standup now, he said, "Well, it's just a fun way to relate to the people,. If you don't challenge yourself, you die."

He told Stephen Colbert he played golf with Donald Trump.

He also mentioned that he donated to Trump University and in return got three degrees. I only got one degree when I generously donated my money (and four years of my life) to my university, so what gives?

His final new expedition was into the world of puppeteering.

No offense to the guy, but if I was him, I'd stick to the news and podcasting.

Did you catch Ron on any of these shows? Do you think he kept it classy, or is it maybe time for him to retire to San Diego?