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17+ Terrible Stair Designs Destined To Cause An Accident

Amy Pilkington 9 Aug 2019

Stairs have been part of architecture forever and while styles and trends have come and gone, their basic stair-ness has remained constant.

We've found new materials to make them stylish and strong, but ultimately, we've settled on the right size, shape, and height of individual stairs that makes them efficient and safe.

The people who made the monstrosities below threw all of that out the window.

1. Hello, vertigo.

Reddit | buxx

Besides making the edges of each stair difficult to see, this choice of carpet is actually causing my stomach to churn a little bit.

If a pic does that, I can't imagine trying to walk down them.

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2. Less nausea-inducing, but still so wrong.

Imgur | ThatJustWontWork

Sure, I don't go cross-eyed looking at this image, but that pattern makes it look like there's a trick to walking down those stairs.

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3. This seems okay at first.

Reddit | Writerro

And then you realize that the stairs lead to the rest of the ramp and the ramp leads to a step up.

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4. Form over... well, not even form, really.

Reddit | Peeped

Sometimes I get the aesthetic a questionable staircase is going for, but this doesn't even look nice. It's too all over the place design-wise.

Watch out for that not-a-step in the middle.

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5. Watch your head.

Reddit | CapnRedbeard647

I'm only 5'1 and I doubt I could get to the opening before banging my head on that ceiling.

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6. Floating stairs can be scary, but these take the cake.

Reddit | Cyreniac

Angling every other stair is just evil and every time someone comes around the corner, they're going to trip over that bottom step.

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7. No, wait, I found a worse example.

Reddit | TeeMestoil

I see your wonky metal floating stairs and raise you transparent, glowing ones that match the decor even less.

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8. Wheelchairs only.

Reddit | Planeguy58

It's super nice of them to put the accessible stairs right beside the reserved parking spaces, isn't it? They totally thought of everything.

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9. Oh look, someone made a slide for squirrels.

Reddit | mariii95

I think the wheelchair ramp came after the rest of the curves stairs, but there had to be a nicer way to retrofit it.

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10. "Hey boss, we added that new ground floor you asked for."

Reddit | SnyperJay

However, they didn't bother to update the blueprints to remove the stairs or doors that lead out to them.

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11. Yes, there are stairs in this picture.

Reddit | scienceyeaux

I promise I'm not lying about that and that I'm entirely serious when I say I'd consider butt-sliding down them for my own safety.

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12. We have come to trust that non-slip strips mark the edge of each step.

Reddit | Landash

Which is why everyone that comes down these stairs must make that awkward not-a-step movement at the bottom before they realize they're done.

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13. This staircase makes you think you're done a step too soon.

Reddit | shortround10

I'm not sure which is worse, actually, but this one may have the edge simply because hardwood is slippery too.

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14. Why does this staircase have a raised lip?

Reddit | kevo0088

I really don't want to think this, but how likely do you think it is that those missing tiles were knocked loose from people constantly tripping?

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15. This reeks of bad DIY.

Reddit | JickityJackJJ

So we have shiny, slippery tile on stairs that aren't all the same height.

My favorite part is on the right, where the stair had to be chiselled down to fit under the protruding section of the wall, even though it seems to actually angle upward.

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16. At least these ones have guards against slipping...?

Reddit | SlumberingParrot

I'm trying to find the silver lining here, since the Redditor that shared these said their sister has to carry a baby up and down these things.

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17. Apparently, this is the only 'accessible' way to reach the cafeteria.

Reddit | _CaptainKirk

Narrow ramp, no guardrails, and according to the student who shared the pic, the turns on either end required his friend in a chair to pop a wheelie to turn.

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18. These people have clearly forgotten what stairs look like.

Reddit | Lolammo

Besides the angles guaranteeing you'll miss a step (or seven), they're so steep that they are basically a bad ladder.

Hopefully, this is just a concept and not meant for real use.

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19. "Hi, does your location have a bathroom that's wheelchair accessible?"

Reddit | SacredOrange

"Of course! It's just up those stairs!"

Not enough facepalms.

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20. This pic has been making the rounds recently, and for good reason.

Reddit | TheLoneGinger9

It's more likely that this is a bathroom renovation gone wrong rather than failure designing the stairs, but it is so awful that it deserves to be called out again.

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21. Handrails are often decorative, but they also have a very specific safety use.

Reddit | TheLoneGinger9

Which is why these are a failure. Nothing like slipping on the stairs only to impale your hand on the railing that's supposed to steady you.

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22. What is it about accessibility that completely baffles people?

Reddit | 01aleksander

My favorite part of this one is the caution edging on the ramp. Like, be careful not to trip on the side of the ramp, but we're not going to warn you that there are stairs on the other side.

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23. Believe it or not, I had to limit how many bad carpet choices I allowed into this list.

Reddit | M3strefi

It's incredible how often people make poor choices in this area. I feel drunk jut looking down those stairs.

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24. Wheeeeeee!

Reddit | Just_some_n00b

I'm including a lot of ramps in here because while many of the bad stairs can be attributed to laziness or lack of common sense, accessibility is a serious issue and businesses, etc. really need to treat it that way.

The potted plant just adds insult here.

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25. Where do I even start?

Reddit | susantheyremykidstoo

No handrails where they're obviously needed and it kind of looks like someone just chiseled the risers off the top to turn it into a slide.

But is that skinny pole underneath load-bearing? Please tell me it's not load-bearing!

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26. What could possibly go wrong?

Reddit | Vjaa

Presumably this is the result of renovations, but also presumably the person doing the reno skipped the classes on building safety and regulations.

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27. Here's another example of the same bit of stupidity.

Reddit | dinomarie123

But this gets extra points docked for having the door open outward to block the stairs. I suppose it could slow or stop your fall...painfully?

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28. A beautiful basement staircase with one small problem.


That's not some cheap, plywood staircase and yet somehow they managed to make the basement door completely inaccessible. Judging by the wainscotting, the wall with the door came after the stairs, so why didn't they just push the wall back when planning?

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29. In narrow homes, these staggered steps are considered a good alternative.

Reddit | Elmaaro

I just see myself leading with the wrong foot and tumbling all the way down.

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