10+ Moments In 'Seinfeld' That Didn't Age Well

Seinfeld ran from 1989 to 1998 so it makes sense some of the jokes are outdated.

Most of those jokes are written off as a product of their time. But many were already offensive at the time that they aired.

One joke was so offensive the whole episode was pulled from the air!

1. George kinda killed his fiance.


Sure he didn't like directly murder her but he was pretty responsible. He bought the cheapest envelopes for their wedding invitation.

Licking so much of that toxic glue poisoned her and she died.

He then asked out a girl the same day.


Literally not a full 24 hours after his fiancee died he was hitting up another girl.

That's icy af.

2. George steals a handicapped parking spot.


This forced a disabled woman to park further and injure herself.

The gang visits her in the hospital to apologize and Kramer falls for her.

Kramer decides to replace her wheelchair to win her over.


But he chooses a cheap second hand one without brakes.

Needless to say, she ends up back in the hospital.

3. Jerry, the titular character.


He suspects a woman at his gym to have breast implants.

So instead of minding his own business, he recruits Elaine to spy on her and tell him.

4. Elaine is homophobic.


Elaine agrees to be her gay friend's beard, which is cool.

But later tries to convert him as if he just needs 'the right woman' to cure his gayness. Less cool.

5. George pretended to be disabled to get a job.


He was using a cane after an injury, but upon realizing he would get 'special treatment', he kept up the act.

He even got his co-workers to carry him places.

6. Jerry gets a man deported.


Jerry helps a Pakistani immigrant, Babu, get an apartment in his building.

And then Babu gets arrested by immigration services, and Jerry knows it's his fault but doesn't help.

7. "The Human Fund"


Every holiday George gives out cards saying he's made a donation to The Human Fund on their behalf. Nice, right?

Well, he made up the charity and forged the cards. Less nice.

8. Jerry hardcore stalked a woman.


After a 'missed connection' he 'stakes her out'. He orchestrates a crossing of paths at her job and explains it away with a lie.

He gets the date but she should get a restraining order.

9. Seinfeld touched on the issue of interracial dating.


But here's the kicker, no non-white person is involved. Elaine thinks her boyfriend is part black, based on stereotypes.

And turns out he thought she was Hispanic. But they're both white.

10. Jerry's yellow fever.


Jerry tells Elaine that he "loves Asian women." And that if he "likes their race, how can that be racist?"

Spoiler alert: it's still racist.

11. George is racist.


He compares his boss to Sugar Ray Leonard, a different black man.

He then tries to disprove his racism by bribing different black men into pretending to be his friend.

12. Jerry is racist.


He does an incredibly offensive impression of Native American people while hitting on a Native American woman.

Not okay!

13. George is a pedophile.


He gets caught staring at a 15-year-old's chest.

Then he spends the whole episode getting into hijinks trying to justify his pedophilia.

14. One episode was considered so offensive NBC had to make a formal apology.


Kramer starts a riot by stomping on a Puerto Rican flag.

After pressure from Manuel Mirabal, president of the National Puerto Rican Coalition, the episode was pulled from the air.