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Jason Momoa Showed Off His 'Dad Bod' For A Good Cause

Jason Momoa is proving, once again, that he gives zero effs what anyone thinks of his body.

He did just that by showing off his "dad bod" for a good cause — and we couldn't love him more for it.

We didn't think it was possible, but Jason Momoa just made us love him even more.

The talented and verryyy sexy actor just did so by showing off his "dad bod" for a good cause!

If you remember, the "Aquaman" star was the subject of body-shaming back in July for this picture.

It was taken while he was vacationing in Venice with his wife, Lisa Bonet and their two kids.

People were shocked that he didn't look quite like this anymore:

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But like, yo, people need to remember that staying in Aquaman shape 24/7 is unrealistic.

First, because tacos are life and second, because it's *his* body! He can look however he wants to look.

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If this means eating whatever he wants on vacay, then so be it.

Unfortunately, the internet didn't see it that way.

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Instead, they began body-shaming the actor with comments like this.

"He has some pooch on his tummy," another person wrote.

Ugh, really?

Soon, the "dad bod" comments came out.

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These people are nuts. He looks like a total snack, as per usual.

The attention his "dad bod" received was totally different than the reactions people had to Nick Jonas looking "thicc".

Instead of criticizing the singer for gaining a little bit of weight, the internet salivated all over him.

They were thirsty AF with some of these comments.

Seriously, like this is too much.

Not to mention, it's unfair to Jason who caught flack when Nick didn't.

Thankfully, he doesn't care what people think of his body.

He made that clear when TMZ asked him about the body-shaming comments and he laughed it off.

Now, he's proving once again that he gives zero effs by showing off his "dad bod" for a good cause!

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Both he, The Rock, and Bruno Mars have been protesting over the building of a 30-meter telescope in Hawaii.

Locals are upset since the telescope would be built on Mauna Kea, a mountain that is considered sacred.

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He recently traveled to Hawaii to publically protest.

On Instagram, he shared images of him and his son wearing powerful messages written on their bodies.

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Jason had "TMT + Canary Islands = discovery" while his son had "TMT + Mauna Kea = desecration."

He also used the protests as an opportunity to poke fun at all of the dad bod comments.

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In the caption of his post, he wrote, "#DadBodIsAGreatBillboard."

Another post had the hashtag "#dadbodsrule".

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He knows what's up!

So basically, between the protesting for a good cause and the not caring what people think, this man is now sexier than ever.

Again, if that's even possible.

We luvvv you, Jason!