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11+ Kids Who Have No Right Being This Hilarious

We all know the saying, "kids say the darndest things," but sometimes, kids also do the darndest things, too.

We may think that our children only get our winning looks, but many times they pick up on our incredible sense of humor as well — like these adorable tikes that are way too funny for their own good.

"Imagination Level 100. My 2-Year-Old Daughter Drew A Pillow With Chalk, Then Lay Down For A Nap."

Reddit l mpbishop

Playing with chalk is fun as anything, but drawing a pillow instead of a hopscotch board to later take a nap on? Well, that's just hilarious.

"These Kids Were Asked To Dress Up As Elves For Their School Play. One Kid Dressed Up As Elvis."

Reddit l ChickenFilletRoll

Who needs to dress up as an elf like the rest of the kids in your class when you can be the king of music? Elvis himself!

"Potentially The Best Answer My Daughter Has Ever Given On A Worksheet."

Reddit l Ms_Sugarbake

Clearly, these parents are raising their daughter to be a witty, sarcastic queen. I can't say I don't love it.

"Mystery Of The Wine Bottles."

Twitter l @azedi

Telling kids that things have a child lock on them, well, they probably take it literally. How do cabinets know a child is opening them? How does the medicine bottle know? Kids, so funny and innocent.

"My Daughter Thought This Was Her. Bonus: My Son In The Background."

Reddit l Trampolice

Two for one with funny kids. This girl found herself modeling, although she has never modeled before. And, her brother seems to be pretty into himself in that mirror. Adorable.

"Little Kids Are The Best."


The innocence of kids truly astounds me sometimes. Like, of all of these words, this kid circles "circle" because they think that their dog is "round." Also, what food is this pup eating?

"My Kid Is Sharp."

Reddit l Shock_and_Awwwwww

In all honesty, this is a whole mood and this kid is 900% right. I have five friends and I still turn off my phone on a regular basis to ignore everyone.

"I Asked For Art For My New Apartment This Christmas. May I Present “Butterflies”, A Painting From My Nieces Made Entirely With Their Butt Cheeks. Lovely."

Reddit l hfletch13

If my sister gave me a painting that was entirely made from my niece's buttcheeks I would hang it with pride all over my apartment so that everyone knows. I'd even make a museum plaque.

"My Daughter Hates The Sun And She Drew Me A Picture Of Her Yelling At The Sun."

Reddit l hoodliner987

Your daughter and I have this in common. Also, the angry expression on her face is truly remarkable, I especially love the angry eyebrows.

"I Run Grief And Loss Sessions With Children. This 5-Year-Old Is Wise Beyond Her Years."

Reddit l Olliebean6

Her parents are raising her to feel fulfilled by chicken (hopefully nuggets), and to be honest I am happy and proud of whoever this child is.

"My Niece Discovered The Cat Door Today."

Reddit l xAmericanNightmare

Just imagine walking into the hallway and seeing the little tiny legs sticking out of the door where your cat is supposed to go. I would laugh so hard I'd pee.

"My Daughter's Personality Perfectly Expressed Through Her Outfit Choice."

Reddit l hoodliner987

Sugar and spice and everything nice... and aggressive. I love the subtle sword in her hand ready to take down a full army of any insect that gets in her way.

Oh, Nostalgia.

Twitter l @newdadnotes

Hilariously accurate and a perfect way to call her dad old. It is the perfect way for a kid to get back at her dad for teaching her too many vocab words too early on. Solid.

"My Daughter's Reaction When Holding Her New Baby Sister. Much Heavier Than The Dolls She Practiced On."

Reddit l vassili_zaitsev

We always tell our kids to practice holding a baby doll to prepare for their new siblings, but let's be realistic — babies are nothing like dolls. They're heavier, and they cry more.

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