10+ Childhood Movie Moments That Actually Scarred Us For Life

Sticks and stones may break my bones but kids movies can always scar me.

Upon rewatching these movies they seem much too scary for the kiddos, but hey! We turned out alright!

I think watching these movies were worth the nightmares. Which one of these movie moments kept you up at night?

Bambi's mom


Bambi is supposedly a kids movie but starts us off watching Bambi's mom get shot by a hunter.

I don't think anyone will ever get over Bambi crying on his mom's dead body.

And the tiny pheasant too?!


The small, scared bird hides from the poacher that shot Bambi's mom.

He panics and tries to fly to safety. Only to be shot out of the sky by the same poacher.

"He can't see without his glasses!"

Colombia Pictures

My Girl as a whole is so sad that it can make an audience cry years afterward.

When Vada has to confront Thomas J's death she's so overwhelmed she literally runs away.

Artax sinking

Warner Bros

Has anyone really gotten over Artax dying in The Swamp of Sadness in The Neverending Story?

I certainly haven't. Atreyu watching his best friend drown in quicksand seems more suited to a horror movie.

Dumbo's mom being locked up


Mrs. Jumbo comforts Dumbo by singing him a lullaby from behind bars.

She can't come to the window but she cuddles Dumbo with her trunk as best she can.

'Pink Elephants on Parade'


Dumbo gets drunk on 'champagne' and goes on a real bad trip.

He hallucinates an increasingly psychedelic nightmare of pink elephants telling him to "look out, look out".

Every second of 'The Fox and The Hound'


Watching Copper and Tod befriend each other is cute up until they're forced against each other.

Copper and Tod's crumbling friendship is one of the saddest things ever.

Littlefoot's mom

Universal Pictures

In The Land Before Time, Littlefoot's mom dies protecting him from a T-Rex.

Right before dying, she assures Littlefoot that she will always be with him in spirit.

The Walrus and the Carpenter


Tweedledee and Tweedledum tell Alice about the Walrus luring baby oysters away from their mother for some musical fun.

Only to eat all of them. Alice in Wonderland didn't pull any punches on this one.

Pleasure Island


Pinocchio discovers delinquent paradise on Pleasure Island but soon discovers it's sinister secret.

All the boys invited to smoke, drink, and gamble are transformed into donkeys and sold as slaves.

The Child Catcher

United Artists

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's scariest villain is for sure The Child Catcher.

His signature move is luring kids into his cart with candy. Like, what part of that wasn't supposed to scar us.

Judge Doom's dip

Buena Vista Pictures

Who Framed Roger Rabbit's Judge Doom created 'Toon Acid' to kill the cartoons who were previously thought to be unkillable.

He demonstrates it on this innocent cartoon shoe. The screams still haunt me.

The Body

Colombia Pictures

Stand By Me's coming of age story focuses on four kids looking for a dead body.

When they find it, it's clear they deserved to be kids a little longer.

Cameron's rant

Paramount Pictures

Cameron is a reluctant participant in Ferris Beuller's Day Off.

They realize they'll be caught by Cameron's controlling dad and he breaks down. He takes his anger out his dad's Ferrari, destroying it.

The Evil Queen's disguise


The end result is scary enough but was the psychedelic transformation sequence really necessary?

Watching Snow White's evil stepmother's skin bubbling as her potion takes effect was a little much.

"Dad, c'mon, you gotta get up"


Literally, everything about Scar murdering Mufasa was pretty scarring.

But watching Simba trying to wake him up after was the real tear-jerker.

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