Disney Is Giving 'Home Alone' The Reboot Treatment

Fuller, easy on the reboots!

The 1990 Christmas classic following the antics of one impressively resourceful kid's attempt to protect his homestead after being left, you know, home alone, is going the way of The Lion King, Ghostbusters, and Child's Play by getting rebooted.

The reboot was announced in conjunction with Disney's new streaming service, Disney+.


Bob Iger didn't reveal too much about the plot, cast, or release date, but he did say it would be a "reimagined version for a new generation."

It's not the only classic movie they announced a reboot of.


Night at the Museum, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid also were all announced to be rebooted for the new streaming service, which they announced will be $6.99 a month.

We already saw a bit of a re-imagined 'Home Alone' last Christmas when Macaulay Culkin recreated some iconic scenes in a Google Assistant commercial.

Hopefully this isn't the kind of re-imagining for a new generation that Disney is talking about, 'cause it's been done.

Some people are interested to see how the reboot handles one particular issue.

Cell phones. When everyone has a cell phone, it'd be much easier for Kevin to get in contact with his parents or the police.

I'm sure they'll figure out a way around it. Maybe Kevin's parents took away his phone because he was playing too much Fortnite and went over on their data.