15 Pictures That Prove The Dating World Is A Cesspool

First things first: This entire article is working off of stereotypes.

I have a couple friends who recently went from being single to being in a relationship and they used modern dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to meet their partners. They're happy couples. But stories like that don't make for funny articles. We laugh at the shortcomings of others and ourselves. Which is why, in this article, I crapped all over the millennial dating scene. Personally, I think it's a cesspool. It's all vanity in a generation of Peter Pans who claim to be so accepting and worldly and loving. It's all a farce.

Screw it. We're here to laugh, so let's do just that!

1. Artistic representation of online dating for men vs. women.

reddit | megahurt5

2. When you've been seeing someone for a couple months and a single unconfirmed, preposterous rumor ruins your entire opinions of him/her. 

Imgur | OiledBeard

3. Instead of, say, going out and meeting people, this is how we'd rather be paired up with someone.

Imgur | vallydap

4. This scientific dating triangle had to be revised to meet the standards of dating in 2016.

Imgur | jimwyman

5. I am certain most women are buying preemptive cats.

Imgur | onedaythiswillallbeyours

6. Just wait 'til she responds with three winking smilies or her first xox. 

reddit | spothead051

You'll be joining bank accounts and writing a combined will.

7. It's shallower, dirtier and filled with garbage.

reddit | r2d2ismybro

8. You seem to date versions of the same loser over and over again.

reddit | hardypart

While failing to address possible issues with your own personality...but to keep your ego intact, you maintain it's always them not you.

9. People are emotionally, socially and sexually stunted by the very sexual liberation that was supposed to make us freer.

reddit | Temporarily__Alone

10. This guy has longer relationships than you.

reddit | hedgehog15

11. Eventually, the self-doubt you've been repressing comes out in full force.

reddit | bigcat777

It has been you this whole time.

12. Desperate times call for desperate measures and you're one stamp away from having to buy a cat 

reddit | The_Wrestler

13. Their online persona is a brand new Audi, but they actually end up being a mid-'90s Hyundai.

reddit | [deleted]

14. 1976: "I hope my dad likes you." VS. 2016: "I hope my cat likes you."

Imgur | johnnyfugazzi

15. Chivalry has been replaced by this...

Imgur | AustralianMinistryForCuteAnimalsThatAreActuallyDeadly
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