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14+ Super Cringey Red Carpet Moments

Y'all. It's gonna get weird in here.

You'd think celebrities know better than to do some really odd stuff while being photographed, but I genuinely think some just don't care anymore.

Either way, here's the weirdest things have ever gotten on red carpets. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Amy Schumer

Youtube | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

While on the red carpet for the Oscars, Amy Schumer happily listed everything she was wearing:

A Vivienne Westwood gown, and a tampon by OB.

Listen, I think it's funny. But I can see how super awkward that would be.

Rashida Jones

YouTube | Celebrity Interview Compilations

I am...speechless at this one.

A reporter for TNT told biracial actress Rashida Jones that she looked like she "just got off an island or something."

Rashida replied: "I mean, you know, I’m ethnic."

You'd think it would have ended there, but then her white, male colleague responded, "Me, too."


Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift

YouTube | Celebrity Gossip

I'm cringing right now.

Even though they claimed to be close friends, JLaw crashing Taylor's interview was super weird.

At one point, Taylor gushed that she wanted to write Jennifer a text about her performance in American Hustle.

Jennifer responded, "Yeah, well, you didn’t."

Mayim Bialik

YouTube | TNT

When asked if people assumed she could "solve calculus" at the drop of a hat because of her role on The Big Bang Theory, Mayim said:

"I was trained in calculus for several years. I’m a neuroscientist—you may not have known that?"

Angelina Jolie

Getty Images | Kevin Mazur

You're going to see Angelina Jolie a few times on this list, so just get ready.

We'll ease in with the pose that launched a thousand memes. She held her leg out of the slit for almost every picture that night, which was weird.

Bradley Cooper

Why is Giuliana that? You know?

While interviewing him about A Star Is Born, she asked him: "You made me fall more in love with my husband, how does that make you feel?"

And I am asking her: "Why?! Dear god, why?"

Isaac Mizrahi and Scarlett Johansson

YouTube | ptambwe

Celebrity designer Isaac Mizrahi apparently didn't know what boundaries were in 2006.

When Scarlett Johansson remarked that her dress had built-in support, he chose to grab her breast and check for himself.

Scarlett laughed it off, but I'm uncomfortable.

Jennifer Lawrence

She took this like a champ.

Even though I'm cringing, it's actually more out of sympathy for her ankles. Imagine tripping in that dress, and in those heels? Hard pass. Hard, hard pass.

Amy Schumer (Again)

Not one to make it weird just once on a red carpet, Amy Schumer decided to "prank" Kim Kardashian and Kanye West by diving in front of them at a red carpet.

I'm kinda lost on how this is supposed to be funny, but anyway.

Zac Efron

YouTube | Hollywire

Zac was on the red carpet of The Lorax when he decided to reach for something in his pocket...and a lot more came out of it than just his hand.

A condom fell onto the carpet, which he quickly snapped up. Unfortunately for him, he was surrounded by cameras.

Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith

YouTube | Love E L James

You know those moments when your mom takes a joke little too far?

Dakota Johnson experienced that on the red carpet with her mother, Melanie Griffith. When Griffith repeatedly said she didn't need to see 50 Shades of Grey, Dakota snapped.

"Alright, you don't have to see it!" She said, rolling her eyes.

Ah, moms.

Debra Messing

Inside Edition

Remember the day that Debra Messing ended E!, by any chance?

It happened on the Golden Globes red carpet, when she called out the network for their gendered pay tiers right to an E! anchor.

"I was so shocked to hear that E! doesn’t believe in paying their female co-hosts the same as their male co-hosts."

Sacha Baron Cohen

YouTube | E! Entertainment

Why?! Just, why?

Sacha Baron Cohen decided to attend the 2012 Oscars in character from his film, The Dictator.

At one point, he spilled "ashes" from an urn all over Ryan Seacrest's suit, and it was just so awkward.

Jenna Bush and Pharrell

Listen, mistakes happen. But that doesn't mean that I didn't curl up into a ball and wait for death after watching this.

Host Jenna Bush asked Pharrell about "Hidden Fences," instead of the movie Hidden Figures. Ughhh.

Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan

Getty Images | Mike Coppola

??? I am uncomfortable right now, people.

Lil Xan and Noah were super into each other on the red carpet, including sloppily making out. At one point, Lil Xan just stuck his own fingers in his mouth and sucked on them?

I don't know, either.

Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Jessica Parker

What's a girl to do when she sees the ethereal and fashion-forward Sarah Jessica Parker on a red carpet?

Photo bomb her and stick her tongue out, I guess. Big cringe.

John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson

Getty Images | Kevin Mazur

Why do men think they can grab Scarlett Johansson?

Even though the two are friends, Travolta crashing her photo opportunity to grab her still-as-statue self was super weird.

Taylor Swift


Nancy O'Dell was interviewing multiple Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter, Taylor Swift.

Instead of asking about her many achievements, Nancy said this:

"You’re going to walk with more than a trophy tonight, I think, lots of men."

Taylor shut her down. "I’m not going to walk away with any men tonight."


Gary Busey and Jennifer Garner

YouTube | harshanx

Gary Busey crossed a lot of lines when he decided to hug Jennifer Garner.

He grabbed her quite strongly then proceeded to kiss her on the neck.

She tried to joke about it, but you can tell she didn't find the situation funny at all.

Susan Sarandon

YouTube | Chi Hou Cheang

So you're looking at a picture of feet, and you're like, "wtf?" Same.

Apparently, Susan Sarandon walked the red carpet for the premiere of Lord of the Rings with no shoes on in order to honor Peter Jackson and the hobbits.

Um, okay?

Jim Carrey

YouTube | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

So, first of all, Jim Carrey started off this interview by literally leading the interviewer in circles, forcing her to loop around him to ask him her questions.

Second of all, he proceeded to call the red carpet he was on useless and declared that he wasn't real.

So, that happened.

Rami Malek

That awkward moment when you're Ryan Seacrest and you go in for a hug, but Rami Malek kinda backs away because he didn't get the memo that you guys were going to hug.

Angelina Jolie (Again)

Getty Images | Ron Davis

Angelina Jolie was so excited to win a Golden Globe at the 2000 Golden Globes that she decided to kiss her brother.

I don't have anything else to say. She kissed her brother. On the mouth. As an adult.

Emilia Clarke and Giuliana Rancic

YouTube | Universe of Thrones

There's a pattern here.

When Emilia Clarke missed Giuliana telling her that it was okay to go, she stood and waited. Giuliana proceeded to rush Clarke away twice, with "You can go," and "It's a very long red carpet, Emilia."


Giuliana Rancic and Issa Rae

YouTube | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Let's just get this out of the way: Giuliana Rancic frequently makes every red carpet weird.

In this instance, she asked the award-winning Issa Rae what she'd call her hypothetical memoir.

Issa had published her memoir three years earlier, entitled The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl.

Smooth, Giuliana!

Will Arnett

YouTube | Entertainment Tonight

Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are divorced. All of us entertainment junkies know that.

Well, except for an ET reporter, who asked Arnett how he and his wife prepared for the 2013 Emmys.

He responded, "I don’t really have a significant other… she doesn’t exist."


Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha

YouTube | USA Today

The secondhand embarrassment is so real.

Kesha approached Jerry Seinfeld on a red carpet and asked to hug him—twice. And Jerry declined. Twice.

Turns out, he had no idea who she was. Tbh, fair to not want a hug!

America Ferrara


Pranksters just aren't funny anymore, okay? Okay.

While on the red carpet at Cannes, prankster Vitalii Sediuk tried to get under America Ferrera's dress. You know, like a creep.

He was dragged away immediately.

Ashley Graham, Jason Momoa, and Lisa Bonet

Rewatching this made me want to crawl into a hole.

Ashley Graham asked Jason Momoa to recreate a "haka move," a traditional Maori war dance.

When it was clear he was uncomfortable, Lisa Bonet stepped in and shook her head.

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Seacrest


This exchange is incredible.

Ryan attempted to engage the award-winning actress like so: "Do you actually wear the shoes that you are wearing tonight for the rehearsal?"

Scarlett simply replied: "What a ridiculous question."

Matt Damon...we think.

Michael Strahan must have been having a rough night, because he straight-up called Matt Damon "Ben" on the red carpet of the 2017 Oscars.

Matt's face really tells the whole story, here.