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9+ Times Keanu Reeves Proved He Was Too Good For Us

Guys, it finally happened. The internet has finally discovered the beauty of Keanu Reeves.

Now that he's everyone's boyfriend, it's time to look at some of the best things he's done that will make you go, "Wait, no one person can be that good, right?"

But guys, spoiler alert: he really is that good a person.

That time he gave someone $20,000.

While working on the set of The Matrix, Keanu heard that one of the set builders was having financial trouble. And, well...

"Keanu heard about family trouble he was having and gave him a $20,000 Christmas bonus to help him out."

That time he took a moment to listen.


In 1997, Keanu surprised passersby when he sat down next to a homeless man and struck up a conversation with him.

Over snacks and drinks, Keanu listened to the man's life story and simply shared a moment with him.

The kindness of people like him is unreal.

That time he did this.

I know that it's common decency, but to see something like this from a massive celebrity is just so amazing.

Not only was Keanu just cooly taking the subway, but he gave up his seat for a woman without a single thought.

That time he gave back to the crew of The Matrix.

This man! Is such! A good man!

In order to make sure The Matrix was the best and most gorgeous it could be — and that the crew was paid fairly — he gave up part of his profits from the films and directed that money towards the special effects department, instead.

He funds a lot of cancer research.

The List

Keanu's sister, Kim, was diagnosed with cancer in 1991. After a ten-year battle, she finally went into remission.

Keanu quietly set up a foundation (without his name attached to it) that benefits cancer research and children's hospitals. He even does telethons to raise money to fight cancer.

That time he fixed a sticky airport situation.

An Instagram user posted a video of Keanu arranging a van ride for everyone after they all got stranded at an airport.

He then climbed in the van with a group of strangers and rode the whole way back to LA with them, sharing anecdotes about the city they were in, and playing music for everyone. he even a real person?

That time he decided to wait his turn.

Despite attending a wrap party for a movie he starred in, Keanu didn't feel entitled to skip the line of the club the party was being held in.

Keanu waited in the rain for 20 minutes for his turn to enter the wrap party for Daughter of God. I love him.

That time he told someone they were breathtaking

Keanu surprised everyone this year when he showed up at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. E3 is the world's biggest event in the world of video games, and it's not a place you expect an A-List Hollywood star to pop up.

Keanu was promoting his appearance in an upcoming video game, Cyberpunk 2077, when he had a heartwarming interaction with an audience member.

When one person in the audience yelled out to tell Keanu "You're breathtaking!" (Same, random audience member. Same) Keanu took the time to point back at him and tell him the same. Then he told the audience, "You're all breathtaking!"

That time he put more goodness into the world

I'm not crying, you are.

Keanu really saw a sign and not only decided to stop a car and look at it, but add to it. And sign it.

I love him.

That time he surprised his fans.

Imgur | u/mccunicorn

A Reddit user posted this to Imgur, and it's too wholesome for words. She wrote:

"Went to see John Wick 3 tonight and this guy happened to be in the audience too!"

That time he gave his stunt crew motorcycles.

No, really. He did.

While working with a stunt team during The Matrix, he decided he wanted to give something back to them.

He bought them each Harley-Davidson motorcycles. You know, because he's Keanu Reeves, and of course he did.

That time he saved Octavia Spencer.

YouTube | The Meredith Viera Show

Early in her career, Octavia Spencer was on her way to an audition when her car broke down.

Who should roll up to rescue her, but Keanu Reeves? She was so grateful to him that she still goes to the opening weekend of every single one of his movies.

Where is that buddy cop movie?

That time he decided to let crime slide.

Reddit | u/unknown_human

When a group of fans trespassed on his property in the '90s, Keanu decided to do the opposite of what most of us would do: hang out with them.

"Instead of calling the police, he had a beer with them." The poster wrote.

Classic Keanu.

That time he was a regular book nerd.

Twitter | @jamieloftusHELP

This is...the cutest thing I've ever heard.

Keanu randomly being a dorky dude and calling ahead just to let bookstore Jamie know that he was coming is something I will treasure forever. Thank you.

That time he stopped to make two kids' day.

Twitter | @tonyflohr

It's not every celebrity that will stop and talk to their fans for 45 minutes.

Keanu is that guy though, and to then give them his number?I really will stan him for life.

That time he went out of his way to sign an autograph.

Twitter | @James_Dator

I am speechless at how thoughtful this is.

Keanu went to see a movie in 2001. After declining an employee's offer to use his employee discount for him (and thereby earning the employee Keanu's autograph), Keanu pulled a Keanu.

He bought an ice cream cone, signed the receipt, brought the autograph to the employee, and then went about his day.

The time he finally answered the question about what happens when we die

YouTube | The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Keanu made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where Colbert decided to ask him, "What do you think happens when we die, Keanu Reeves?"

"I know that the ones who love us will miss us," Keanu answered.

YouTube | The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

What an earnest and compelling answer to a surprisingly difficult question. I don't blame Colbert though — I feel like if anyone would know what happens when we die, it would be Keanu Reeves.

That time he didn't deny being immortal

In 2017, fans started a website called, showcasing their evidence that Keanu Reeves has been on this Earth since at least 1530.

Jimmy Fallon took it upon himself to bring the theory up to Keanu.

Keanu didn't deny it. He just laughed! And then he pointed out all the similarities between himself and the artwork from the 1500s. Keanu is definitely not going to be spoiling anyone's fun... or, he's actually immortal.

That time he almost changed his name to Chuck Spadina

In that same interview with Jimmy Fallon, Keanu revealed that when he was first starting as an actor, his agents didn't like the name Keanu Reeves. He said that the other name he suggested to them was "Chuck Spadina."

...or the time he almost changed his name to Templeton Page-Taylor

After they didn't like Chuck Spadina, Keanu said he decided to go in "the other direction" and offered them the name Templeton Page-Taylor. Not surprisingly, they told him he should just stick with Keanu Reeves.

I'm sure he's glad he did, but I can't help but wonder about whether the Internet would love Templeton just as much.