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So, These Colored Pencil-Inspired Nails Actually Work

Nail art has really reached a new level in 2019. Nail artists aren't just simply painting on pineapples and polka dots, oh no. They're really thinking outside of the box, thinking up the most wacky nails that our wildest imaginations couldn't even come up with.

The legacy of the wild and wacky manicures continues with colored pencil nails that you can actually color with.

Don't these nails look like real colored pencil glued onto someone's nails?

Instagram | @nail_sunny

Well, they kind of are.

Yes, a nail artist based out of Moscow created these functional nails.

Instagram | @nail_sunny

She glued the ends of colored pencils onto a gel manicure so that they don't just look like colored pencils — they really become colored pencils.

I mean, are they practical?

Instagram | @nail_sunny

If you love to color and draw, well, they really might be!

But are they undeniably fun as heck?

Oh yeah!

Would you give these nails a go for your next manicure appointment? Let us know!

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