We Have A Burning Question When It Comes To Nate From 'Euphoria'

Today we're going to talk about the hit show Euphoria that has just surfaced on HBO.

Well, not just, but it's only been out for a bit so let's pretend it's really new.

'Euphoria' has been out for some time now, and it has taken audiences by storm.


I'm talking level five hurricane storm.

I'm talking absolute devastation, blown their very minds kind of storm.

Every character is entertaining.


Entertaining in a way that we feel sad for their downfalls and good when they finally catch a break.

I've heard it called "The American Skins" (the real one, not the MTV remake).

And gosh is Zendaya ever good in it.


If you ever doubted her acting ability (and how could you after seeing the new Spiderman movies) then watch this and tell me you still have doubts.

Jules is a sad character to watch, but still entertaining.


Where will she fit in?

Will she ever find a place that she can feel comfortable and call her own?

And the drugs...


The scenes where they do drugs is shot perfectly, exactly how I would picture drugs would be done.

Because I, like many other responsible writers, have never done them. Not even caffeine.

One character stands out above them all, at least for someone who really loves villains.


Yes, the bad guy of this show is equal parts villainous and very intriguing, leaving much to be known.

His name is Nate.


And boy, is he one evil son of a gun.

Not only is he the school bully, but he seems really cool and all until he's suddenly violent, flying into fits of rage.

Before we move on...


I have to mention that there are SPOILERS for the end of Season 1 in this article.

So if you're still behind, then make sure you don't read the rest of it.

Are they gone?


Well good, because we need to talk Nate and STAT.

So the last time we saw him, he was having a pretty violent confrontation with his dear old dad, Cal.

When it was all over...


The two of them had this big fight, and then Cal left his office in a hurry while his son banged his head on the floor and screamed his lungs out.

So here's the question...


Where did that sudden breakdown come from? And more importantly, where does this seemingly psychopathic character have to go from here?

Could he possibly get... even worse than he already is?

It's hard to take a character this evil much farther unless he starts straight up killing people.


Then again, Season 2 is just around the corner, so who really knows...

What does...


His actor, Jacob Elordi, have to say about his future:

"Whatever it is, I want him to have a life and I want it to be honest. I truly don’t have any qualms about which direction it goes."


All that stuff he did in the finale, all that headbanging was real.

Apparently, he just started smashing his head for real off the floor and actually started to bleed!

What do you think?


What's going to happen to Nate? How do you think he's going to change in the future?

Fans hope that he's going to get worse, however, because more evil is always better.