17+ Super Funny Pics That Went Viral Online

Dan 5 Aug 2019

The internet gives us many things, but for my money, its number one contribution to society is funny pics. When you're feeling down, the internet will bring you back up again — provided your wifi's in working order.

1. Yes!

Reddit | Isaaciel

The Garden of the Gods in Colorado is a cool place. Some go for the view, some go for the rock formations. But the best reason to go is clearly to celebrate with this ecstatic little tree.

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2. Aww.

Reddit | deltaphoenix08

This father and son recreated a picture from 34 years earlier. I'm wondering how much convincing the son had to do before his dad agreed to pose for this pic.

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3. Congrats?

Reddit | NRS1

There are lots of reasons to have an impromptu celebration. Heck, sometimes quitting a job is worthy of a party. Getting fired, on the other hand? That just seems like a bummer.

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4. To the point.

Reddit | jackson6644

For the socially awkward people out there, it's important to know that there are valuable lessons about human interaction hidden in some weird places. Inigo Montoya, for instance, is great at staying on message.

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5. The universal language.

Reddit | WaspDog

Everyone deals with a language barrier at some point. When this nurse wasn't able to effectively communicate with an international student, she found a way using pictograms. Tomorrow, the student gets cut.

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6. Heartwarming.

Reddit | kamel_hump

So a dad wanted to send a cute pic of his kids (left) to a loved one. He wound up sending it to the wrong number, but the reply (right) really made it all worthwhile..

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7. The face of regret.

Reddit | salsachops

A Redditor bought his grandpa a gigantic tub of his favorite candies. Grandpa replied with this message. We've all been there: at the end of a gluttonous snack binge, with one piece left and regret in our heart.

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8. Take no chances.

Reddit | B_rodriguezzz

Have you ever thought about how winning the lottery would be a hassle because everyone would hit you up for money? The winner of this Jamaican lotto wants to ensure that he (she?) never has to give any away.

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9. The chosen one.

Reddit | Olde-Pine-Stephens

I don't know what's so special about this porta-potty, but judging from the fact that it, and it alone, is bathed in golden light from the heavens, I kind of want to try it out.

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10. The price is right.

Reddit | heputmystuffinjello

I'd like to think that these old coots would have actual good advice to give, considering their life experience. Then again, I like the fact that they're honest about the calibre of their advice.

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11. Unconvincing.

Reddit | dominicjames

When trains aren't working, buses step into the void. Most people don't care, so long as they get where they want to go. This bus wants to reassure passengers that it's basically a train, though.

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12. A scale we can all relate to.

Reddit | decide-and-go-be-it

Sure, it's more scientific to talk about stuff like wind speed rather than the likelihood of a trash can flipout. But this forecast wants people to understand things a little better, so they went with a more straightforward scale.

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13. One of these things is not like the other.

Reddit | bebe627

"We asked the 3 of them to take a pic of their awesome costumes and this guy jumped in..." wrote the original poster. If you squint really hard, you might be able to see which one is the imposter.

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14. It's a Smash Bros thing.

Reddit | Cutty__Slouch

The St. Paul, Minnesota police were called to an apartment to investigate a noise complaint. Upon arriving and realizing the noise was caused by a Super Smash Bros tourney, they did what had to be done.

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15. At the vet.

Reddit | philman222

Cat owners can certainly relate to this. When you go to the vet, cats will typically do whatever they can to disappear. It might not be pretty, it might not work, but it's what they've gotta do.

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16. Service with a smile.

Reddit | deadleaf_shrimp

Most people don't like being on camera. This delivery guy has warmed up to it, though. Every delivery is clearly an event when it happens to fall on this guy's shift.

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17. Different voices.

Reddit | MisterCheeks

Horror movie villains get a bad rap, mostly because they really, truly deserve it. Still, we don't take much time to learn their side of the story. I'd listen to these guys. Then, I'd probably get murdered.

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18. When your Airbnb is haunted.

Reddit | goodluck_canuck

The person who posted this says their toddler really wanted into the bathroom of their Airbnb. Can this nightmare fuel serve as evidence that translucent bathroom doors really shouldn't exist?

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19. Him versus her.

Reddit | s-poon

This photo is captioned "photos I take of my boyfriend vs photos he takes of me", and the comparison really says it all. Really, anytime you get the chance to turn your significant other into a bug monster, you should probably take it.

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20. This guy's on a list.

Reddit | DerpyRogue

I'm going to offer a dissenting opinion here: this isn't a good trade. A good watch is inobtrusive and tells you the time. Why would you want a bunch of random kids instead?

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