9+ Product Designers Who Totally Get What Women Want

There are many clever designs that help everyone to have a better life. But women can run into unique situations that men don't have to worry about. So when designers take women's point of view into account and actually solve a problem, we ladies rejoice.

The following designs will make every woman's life just a little bit easier and we're thankful for it.

1. Sidewalk Helper

Reddit | SmellYaLater

Walking in heels can literally be a hazard especially when you try to walk on these grates, but not anymore. Whoever designed this is a genius.

2. A Pregnant Lady's Best Friend


Pregnant ladies listen up, no need to worry about not being able to shave your legs because this razor extension handle saves the day.

3. Woman's Best Tool


Just like men, women need their tools, too. This one comes equipped with seven including a knife, pliers, a large bit driver, wire-cutters, and carabiner/bottle opener.

4. Brow Shaper Stamps

Do you have a hard time keeping your brows looking tidy? This amazing brow shaper stamp will make you feel more confident about DIYing your brows.

5. Dinner Is Ready


Don't you hate it when after working late you get home and realize you forgot to defrost the chicken? This defrosting tray is a life-saver.

6. Shower Footrest


Speaking of shaving in the shower. Sometimes bending over can be a challenge but not when you install this handy shower footrest. How insanely amazing?

7. Working Late


Speaking of working late, how about working from home and not having a proper space. This nifty lap tray will definitely come in handy. Loving it.

8. Leg Pillow


Let's be honest women, spend a lot of time on their feet running the household and running after the kids. This resting feet pillow is a must.

9. Glue Free False Eye Lashes


OMG, I had no idea these actually exist. I've always been so paranoid about gluing stuff on my lashes. These magnetic lashes could work.

10. A Co-Ed Swing

Reddit | Bearat

Moms get tired sometimes and lack the muscle power to push that swing at the playground but this swing lets the adults and kids swing together.

11. Relaxation Time


After a long and tiring day moms need to relax and unwind. This non-slip bath pillow will make taking a bath pleasurable again.

12. Ice Coffee Maker


Let's face it getting your iced coffee fix every day can get expensive but not if you own this super cool ice coffee making gadget.

13. Sleep Helper

If you think this pregnancy pillow is only for pregnant ladies you'd be wrong. It's actually perfect for any side sleeper like me. I want one!

14. The Ta-Ta Towel

Ta-Ta Towel

Underboob sweat and moisture is a real thing! Thankfully, someone invented a towel specifically for women.

15. Shower Without Ruining Your Makeup

Shower Shield

Many women know the struggle of spending all that time applying makeup, only to realize that you need to hop in the shower. This is amazing.

I'm absolutely obsessed with these items.

They can save us so much time and make our lives so much better. Finally genius designs I can get behind.