Hostess' New Dark Blue 'Moonberry' Twinkies Are The Perfect Intergalactic Snack

Hostess has unveiled a brand new, limited edition Twinkies flavor which promises an out-of-this-world eating experience!

According to Thrillist, Moonberry Twinkies are the latest and greatest pastries to hit snack aisles, but you better act fast because these tasty treats won't be around for very long!

While we all love and respect the original Twinkies, these new ones are meant to look and taste like a galaxy far, far away.

Ditching the OG vanilla sponge cake, these new cakes are dark blue, meant to give the impression of looking at the night sky, albeit without the stars.

In place of the white creme inside, there's now a delicious berry creme filling which is described as basically tasting like mixed berry.

People online are already getting pumped for the release of these new Moonberry snacks.

"I can't wait to get my hands on one of these Twinkies!" an Instagram user wrote, while another added, "I need these!"

Then, of course, there are the skeptics who aren't exactly sure how to feel about berry-flavored Twinkies, like this person who wrote: "I have berry mixed feelings about this."

These galactic treats will be available exclusively at Walmart locations across the country.

Each pack of 10 individually-wrapped cakes will cost $2.97 and will start hitting store shelves sometime next week.

If you're ready to give your taste buds an out-of-this-world experience, I'd suggest you hurry and pick up a box because these dreamy beauties will only be around for a limited time!

h/t: Thrillist

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