9+ Celebs Who Had Plastic Surgery When They Were Really Young

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Naturally, with money and fame comes pressure to look a certain way — and with the money flowing in, I can imagine it's difficult to say no to, at any age. From Ariel Winter's breast reduction to Britney Spears lip injection, lots of celebs have undergone plastic surgery.

Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian bikini pose.
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Kourtney Kardashian went under the knife when she was 21 years old for breast augmentation. She later admitted that she completely regrets getting them done.

“I wish I never did it. I had great boobs. Now I’m gonna have to get them redone at some point," she said.

Ariel Winter.

Ariel Winter flaunting her body.
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At 17 years old, Ariel Winter revealed that she had undergone breast reduction surgery, taking her from a 32F to a 34D.

"It's amazing to finally feel right," she said in an interview.

Ashley Tisdale.

Ashley Tisdale is ready for her beach day out.
instagram | @ashleytisdale

Ashley Tisdale underwent rhinoplasty when she was 18, due to her troubling nose.

"Growing up I always knew I had a deviated septum on the right side of my nose, which caused trouble breathing," she explained. "I didn't do this because I believe in plastic surgery," said Ashley. "I did this to help my health. I literally almost could not breathe out of the right side of my nose."

Jennifer Aniston.


Long before her debut on Friends, Jenner Aniston had a nose job gone wrong after a baseball accident. She eventually had a second nose job to correct the issues from the initial one, and to reshape her nose.

Lisa Kudrow.

Giphy | Friends

Speaking of the cast of Friends, Lisa Kudrow also underwent rhinoplasty before the show aired.

Lisa revealed that she got a nose job when she was 16 years old, and it was "life-altering".

Denise Richards.

Denise Richards posing in black leather dress.
instagram | @deniserichards

"When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I asked for. I was in such a hurry to get them that I didn't research my doctor," Denise explained. "I just thought because they're a plastic surgeon, they must be good. You have to be your advocate for your own body and ask 100 questions."

Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle Evans posing on the beach.
instagram | @j_evans1219

Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans had breast augmentation when she was 20 years old, taking her from a B-cup to a C-cup — something she was extremely proud of.

Farrah Abraham.

Farrah Abraham posing on the chess board structured fountain.
instagram | @farrahabraham

Fellow Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, didn't waste any time going under the knife after discovering fame. Since the age of 22, she has had several cosmetic surgeries including breast augmentation, Brazilian butt-lift, and Botox.

Cardi B.

Cardi B posing in the garden.
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By the age of 26, Cardi B has had numerous operations including "butt injections" that she admitted were administered to her illegally in somebody's basement years ago, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

Naya Rivera.


Former Glee star, Naya Rivera, opened up about her breast augmentation that she had done when she was 18 years old.

"As soon as I went back to school, [the boys] all practically fell over themselves rushing to see who could hold the door open for me," she wrote in her book, Sorry Not Sorry. People have a lot of opinions about plastic surgery, but more than 10 years after I got my boobs, they still make me happy when I look in the mirror."

Anna Faris.


At the age of 24, Anna Faris decided to undergo breast augmentation, taking her cup size from an A to a C. After that, she began dabbling in lip injections as well and found that it made a big difference in her confidence.

Britney Spears.

Britney Spears in bright orange dress posing in the balcony.
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Although it was never confirmed, way back when Britney Spears was launching her pop-star career, fans were convinced that she had a boob job when she was 17, and then later had them removed.

There is even speculation that she's had them re-done.

Heidi Montag.

Heidi Montag's bikni pose in her garden.
instagram | @heidimontag

The Hills star, Heidi Montag, is someone that is notorious for having an overwhelming amount of cosmetic surgery in a short period of time. At 23 years old, she had 10 procedures done in one day, including liposuction, breast augmentation, and Botox.

Kaley Cuoco.

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Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco, had breast augmentation surgery when she was 19 years old, and says it's "the best decision I ever made."

Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner's morning selfie.
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Although Kylie hasn't fully admitted to having anything done besides lip fillers, she did start getting that done in at least 2014, when she was 17 years old.