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17+ Bone-Chilling Pics That Are Next-Level Creepy

Things like haunted houses and horror movies are so popular because it's honestly fun to be creeped out once in a while. These things allow us a "terrifying" experience with very low stakes, which makes the fear only last for a night at most.

In reality, nobody wants to be actually scared. When creepy experiences also have high stakes, they become less than enjoyable to say the least.

Encountering things more frightening than any film in your real life is deeply unsettling, and can end up being an experience that haunts you forever.

Monster Mash

Reddit | hellodelly

"Found this on the ceiling in my parents' bedroom," one woman writes, "Got out of there REAL quick."

Portrait Of An Artist

Reddit | colymoly_guacamole

This is a series of self portraits drawn by an artist who ended up getting dementia later on in his life. The way in which he not only forgets his own likeness, but forgets how to draw entirely, is truly haunting.

The Walk Home

Reddit | pakkmann666

"This is how I get home every night," this man writes, "I know, I know, I've accepted the fact that this will likely be my final resting place."

The Field

Reddit | Browncheese769

Missing child Jacob Wetterling’s clothing and remains were found after he was missing for 29 years. This is a photograph of the soccer jersey he went missing in.

Deep Blue

Reddit | Bliuss

Shark eating the remains of a deer? No thanks. I'll pass. That looks like it has "ancient curse" written all over it.

The Pit

Reddit | fetuscarnitas

"Found this hole in the storage room at work," this man shares, "Who wants to investigate?"

The Truth Is Under

Reddit | antarticpenisula123

Now, this could just be a very detailed practical joke, but I'm not taking any chances.

Bury A Friend

Reddit | DarthGaff

Ever seen a storm so intense that it literally raises the dead? Now you have.

The Swamp

Reddit | taytlor

I don't know what this god-forsaken image is, but I don't even want to, and I don't think you should want to either.

The Ovens

Reddit | JabroniWanKenobi

"I went to Dachau Concentration Camp and felt almost like it didn’t do anyone justice," this person writes, "It didn’t seem to reveal the extent of the horrors of what happened there. Until I saw this. My heart was in my stomach."

Beary Christmas

Reddit | UrbiKk

Christmas display or haunted shrine? I guess it depends whether you were naughty or nice this year.

Shiny Teeth

Reddit | qtna

"My son left his toothbrush on the side of the bathtub the other day," this dad shares, " and I swear it looks like it knows when I'm going to die."

Trick Or Treat

Reddit | bluehairedchild

Halloween in the 1800's looks like a heck of a lot of trick without the treat, and I'm gonna give it a HARD pass.

The Clown

Reddit | AmishElectrician92

This is a photograph of serial killer John Wayne Gacy's clown suits. Such an innocent pic without context, but with it, something so much more sinister.

The Cry Baby Buick

Reddit | samerooo

Though we aren't sure of the origins of the cry baby Buick, we can tell you fat out that it isn't to be trusted, and that an additional four cars of space between it and your own car are required by law.

The Stairway

Reddit | SearchingSeries

"Stairway to Death Row and the Criminally Insane at Missouri State Penitentiary," the caption to this photo reads.

Every Breath You Take

Reddit | Gavinardo

If I arrived back at my parked car to find a note like this attached to my windshield, I would not only get a new car, but a whole new damn life.

The Blood Oak

Reddit | afterdroid

Though Blood Oaks are a pretty normal phenomenon, seeing one actually sliced open and "bleeding" is still creepy.


Reddit | afterdroid

How do you know that you don't have a literal bee hive living in one of your electrical outlets? Just look for the oozing evil.

Dead Man's Fingers

Reddit | Fuckoff555

This is a photo of a saprobic fungus called Xylaria Polymorpha. Because of its less-than-lovely appearance, it is also commonly known as dead man's fingers.