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Eminem's Daughter Is An Instagram Influencer Now

There are few things cooler than growing up as the daughter of one of the most famous rappers of all time. Something ELSE that is super cool is being an Instagram influencer, cause duh.

And if you're extra lucky, your name is Hailie Jade and you're BOTH.

O.G Eminem fans will remember Hailie from her wee-baby days.

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It's wild so much time has past!

In an interview from last year, Hailie was asked if her and her dad were still super close.

"Of course, we are very close," she said.

Now, Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade is all grown up and making a name for herself on social media.

Instagram | @hailiejade

And we love that for her.

With over 1.3 million followers, the 23-year-old is playing in the big leagues on Instagram.

Instagram | @hailiejade

Her bio doesn't even mention her famous dad.

Hailie's Instagram covers everything from fashion, beauty, lifestyle AND food.

Instagram | @hailiejade

Sis knows what the people want!

She also has a super cute dog named Wolf.

Instagram | @hailiejade

I'm literally obsessed.

For being a social media influencer, Hailie keeps her personal life pretty private.

Instagram | @hailiejade

There are no pictures of her family on her Instagram.

It's awesome to see Hailie growing up and thriving!

Instagram | @hailiejade

Yas girl, work it!