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The Rock Says Hobbs Could Beat Deadpool In A Fight

Honestly, this is the kind of content that I need in 2019.

Some good old fashioned: who would win in a bar fight? This time, it's The Rock vs Deadpool, two of my favorite heroes.

Recently, The Rock was giving a hard hitting interview.

And he was asked some questions about Hobbs & Shaw, but his most important question was about a major fight.

So. Who would win in a fight between Hobbs and Deadpool?

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"I would have to say, pre tequila, Deadpool. Hobbs drunk on tequila? I gotta give it to Hobbs." The Rock said.

But The Rock continued to say:


"Well, you know, it might be Deadpool, too. Deadpool's a badass. The tequila is really the driving force, that's the thing. For me, at least."

Watch the clip now!

It'll get you chuckling, that's for sure.

Comment below on who you think would win!