15+ Tombstones For People With Unfortunate Names

If there's anything you need to have in life, it's a sense of humor. If you can't laugh, are you even living at all?

Of course, some of us need a bit stronger sense of humor — those who have unfortunate names, in particular. And worst of all, those unfortunate names will even follow them to their graves.

Okay, this is lady's name is a throwback to another era, but still objectively funny.

Reddit | pichael288

And given that's her married name, she might not have had to suffer the typical juvenile taunts.

Clearly they were meant to be together.


A timeless pairing, now spending eternity together.

I wonder if he played football?


Because I thought Key and Peele made this one up for their classic college football names sketch.

I hope he was a gold miner.


I mean, with a name like that, you couldn't pick a better job.

That had to be a tough one.


I mean, shaming is not cool, but it happens even when it's undeserved.

Calm yourself, it's just gardening equipment, right?


The question remains, did they come before bros? We might never know.

Okay, part of me wants to think this is photoshopped, but I somehow doubt it is.


Again, not shaming anybody here, but that is some serious cross-cultural misfortune.

If it wasn't dated 1951, you'd almost think this was someone's cheeky username.


Love is beautiful in all its many forms, guys.

Honestly, these folks had some great opportunities with this moniker.


To subtitle a "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" essay, for example.



I bet this is a person you wanted to stand next to at a party, amirite?

This is why proofreaders need to have dirty minds.

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I get that it was another time, but come on, it's not that long ago.

So, how's life?


That's the clean version. The urge to go right to the gutter isn't wrong, however.

I'm kinda surprised neither of them is named Richard.


Even so, I'm sure these brothers were still the butt of many jokes.

Now this will ensure a fond memory.


And not the model of the atom. Everybody loves a good nacho.

This is the sound I want to make when I go.


Wayne and Garth approved, too!

Size isn't everything.


But that is a pretty impressive tombstone, you have to admit.

This is destined to be a meme, isn't it?


I mean, if you play online games, get ready to see this pop up a lot after you get fragged.

You could easily say the same for this one.


And it would equally apply after fragging yourself accidentally.

She could've been a real boss.


Seriously, did nobody notice this? Maybe they could have just gone with her last name on the headstone?

Simple, but it gets the message across.


See? You've got to laugh to the bitter end.