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Instagram Influencer’s Age-Defying Mom Is Baffling Followers

A lot of us are afraid of getting old.

Though aging is a perfectly normal and inevitable part of life, society not only teaches us that we should be ashamed of outward aging characteristics, but that we should do everything in our power to "fix" the "imperfections" that aging causes.

We all have that one friend who never looks their age.

It's the friend in your group who is usually the most responsible, yet looks so young that they get carded at every bar and convenience store. Everyone else is jealous of their youth, but to them, it's a hardcore curse.

Anti-aging innovation is pretty good nowadays, but not THAT good.

There's nothing wrong with getting a little Botox Karen, but when you smile, we can just tell.

It's rare these days to find someone who has managed to stay young looking without cosmetic interference.

Let me introduce you to 22-year-old Jonathan Nguyen.

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This LA native is an Instagram influencer and model with just over 10,000 followers. To make a career off your face, you've gotta have some good genes.

However, it isn't HIS physique that has people talking.

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Nguyen recently posted a couple of pictures with a woman who most followers thought was his girlfriend, but when he revealed the truth, people had a lot of questions.

This is Nguyen's mother.

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Wild, right?

"Having a young Asian mom is great until you see someone your age shooting their shot at her," he writes in a recent post. "She works out every day, and won’t eat any processed foods for the most part."

But that begs the old is she?

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There are two options here: the first is that she gave birth when she was very, very young. The other is that she is literally Benjamin Button.

After a lot of chatter, Nguyen finally took to social media to clear up any questions about his mother's age.

"To cut to the chase, my mom is in her 40's."


Hi, waiter? Can I please get a big ol' glass of whatever she's having? It looks like it's packing some major power.

Though I have to admit, it's kind of great that Nguyen's mother is now an essential part of his brand.

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Congrats to Mama Nguyen and her timeless beauty. Again, I'd like whatever she's having.

h/t: New York Post