Fans Have To Get Prepared For 'Big Mouth' Season 3

Oh boy! I finally get to talk about one of my favorite shows of all time, Big Mouth.

This is adult comedy done right people, take note... every other adult comedy show.

Ahh, 'Big Mouth'.


There we were, living our Big Mouth-less experience, wasting away the days until death. And then boom!

Nick Kroll and his Kroll Show alumni delivered unto us one of the best show in years.

How could you even play with a show that has something (or someone) as consistently funny as "The Hormone Monster".


He gets a laugh every time he's one screen, without fail.

Two seasons have gone by, and for two seasons we've cackled, we've cried and we've felt generally uncomfortable.


Because if there's one thing that'll make us cringe: it's going through the monstrously heinous time called "puberty".

We're gearing up for yet another season folks!


That's right, Nick Kroll came on Twitter and announced that not only are we getting a Season 3, but we're getting three more after that!



It's like all my Christmases come at once.

And so, as we do for most shows that get a new season, we're going to tell you everything you need to know going into Season 3.

Spoilers, btw.


We're going to talk about the end of Season 2 briefly (just to set the stage) so if you haven't seen it drop what you're doing, watch it, then come back.

So Season 2 ended with a couple of big revelations.


Andrew, who once hated the Shame Wizard, now feels sorry for him.

Nick gets a new Hormone Moster and surprise! It's Monstress.

Jessi got rescued by the depression kitty, and now believes she needs to go to therapy.


As for Jay, he totally embraced his bisexuality and will probably explore that in the new Season.

And then...


There's Coach Steve, who got fired from his job after the kids trashed the gym at the sleepover.

What will be in store for nobody's favorite teacher and coach?

There was...


The Valentine's Day special, which focused mostly on the series' only openly gay character, Matthew, and how Valentine's Day mostly focuses on heterosexual ideals and norms.

So expect more of him.

The Cast...


Luckily, no one has left in the offseason, so we can expect to hear the sweet, sweet voices of John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas and Jessi Klein once again.



Well considering Connie (the female hormone monster) was a bad influence on Jessi all of Season 1, there have been rumors going around she may do the same for Nick.



Some people have predicted that Connie was actually Nick's father's monster, which is why he's so in touch with his emotions.

So, Nick might actually go down that route in this Season.

When should we expect it?


Well, if it follows the release schedule of the other two seasons, then probably around October of 2019.

However, the Valentine's Day special might have pushed that back a little bit.



Only one question remains... are you excited, or what?!?

I know there are a bunch of you out there down for this new season, as I count myself amongst you.