5+ Cake Decorators Who Didn't Nail It And 5+ Who Are True Artists

Baking and cake decorating is a certain skill not many of us can easily perfect. I'll admit that I wouldn't take a baking project on because I would probably fail miserably. So it always makes me laugh out loud when people take this task on without proper training or preparation.

Check out these cake fails and wins and see what I mean.

1. Cathedral Castle

I bet the person who made this curious cake had the best intentions in mind but somehow it ended up looking a bit too X-rated. LOL!

Princess Castle


Now check out this awesome princess castle instead. That's definitely a work of art. Not only the cake looks awesome but it has princesses as well. Enchanting.

2. Super Fail


They asked for a superhero cake and this is what they got. Pow! OMG, I hope they were able to get their money back. This is crap!

Superhero Landing

What do you think of this Spiderman cake? I love it! It's so amazing I would put it in a case and stare at it.

3. Happy 16th Birthday

This is what happens when your mom attempts to make you a Sweet Sixteen birthday cake and she has no business baking or decorating cakes.

Rockin' Sweet 16

Now this is more like it. Imagine getting this rockin' cake for your Sweet 16? Wow, it's like too pretty to eat. And so elaborate. Loving it.

4. Baby Shower Horror


Whoever thought this horrible baby shower cake idea was good is clearly deranged. This is beyond awful. I think I would enjoy smashing this.

Shower Done Right

This gorgeous cake is the perfect example of why you may want to get a professional cake maker to give you that perfect baby shower cake.

5. Toy Story Untold


So is this cake supposed to resemble Buzz Lightyear or are my eyes playing tricks on me? I think they totally missed the mark here.

Toy Story Winner

I'm not even a fan of Toy Story and I simply love this fun and colorful cake. I gotta get a themed cake for myself one day.

6. Not Good Enough For Chewy


Is it just me or does this Chewbacca cake look like it has aged a bit? Maybe that's the look they were going for.

May The Force Be With You

The force is definitely strong with this cake decorator. Not only would Chewy approve of this but also Yoda and Darth Vader himself.

7. Under The... Sea?

I think this is supposed to be a mermaid cake, but the water looks kind of polluted, doesn't it?

Make This Cake A Part Of My World!

Or a part of my next party. You're never too old to have a mermaid party, right?

8. Not Stacking Up

This poor cake looks like it's going to fall over any second. Watch out!

I Could Look At This Cake All Day

Everything about this cake is perfect. How did the baker manage to make each tier so exact?

9. Would Jaws Take A Bite Out Of This?

Not quite the shark cake we were hoping for. Just a whole lot of blue frosting.

I'm Kind Of Afraid Of This Cake

It looks so real! Luckily this shark can't actually bite you.

10. What Does This Say?

Can anyone read this? Anyone? I'm seriously at a loss here.

This Writing Is Better Than My Actual Handwriting

How is it so beautiful? So perfect? Teach me your ways.

11. Who Has A Sweet Tooth?

If you wanted a mouthful of candy when you bit into your cake, here you go.

Now This Is A Candy-Lover's Dream

It looks like it came straight from Willy Wonka's factory!

12. Gradient Cake

Gradient cakes are a fairly new trend, but that doesn't stop amateur bakers from attempting them.

I Could Put This Cake In A Gallery

That's how beautiful it is. Where can I get one?

13. Spongecake Squarepants

I know this cake is supposed to be Spongebob, but it just looks a little off. Ugh, next!

Here's The Sponge We Know And Love!

And Patrick, too! How awesome is this cake? It looks like it actually came from Bikini Bottom.

14. Shortcut Cake

When you give your decorator a USB drive with an image to put on the cake and they take a picture of the USB drive instead. What?

Motherboard Cake

Some people know how to do it right though. This really talented and creative cake decorator put an entire computer motherboard on the actual cake. What? Amazeballs.

Well, some of these bakers nailed it.

Better luck next time to those who had cakes that weren't exactly Pinterest-worthy.