10+ 'Royal' Flowers To Add To Your Garden

Being part of the royal family sure comes with some cool perks like living at Buckingham Palace and, of course, all those fancy parties. But did you also know that there are actual flowers named after the royal family? How cool is that?

I would totally want a flower named after me, ha, ha! Now let's check out those pretty blooms.

1. Queen Victoria Lobelia

This pretty bloom is considered to be the most vigorous and productive Cardinal Flower. It has a very distinctive dark red foliage. It's so pretty.

2. Queen Elizabeth Rose

It's no surprise that Queen Elizabeth has a lovely pink rose named after her since it's very beautiful and regal. It grows up to six feet.

Oh yes, this rose is definitely befitting a queen.

And not just any queen. Even at her age Queen Elizabeth is not slowing down. She's always on the go.

3. Queen Mum Agapanthus

Also known as African Lily, this elegant plant has blue and white flowers on the outside, and pure white on the inside and grows pretty tall.

4. Princess of Wales Rose

Diana, Princess of Wales, has numerous flowers to her name including this white variety from the Rosaceae family. This flower is so delicate and beautiful.

5. Diana, Princess Of Wales Rose

And here's another gorgeous rose that blooms in a pink-peach ombré color which is very reminiscent of a sunset. How lovely. Quite a stunner.

6. Princess Diana Clematis

If those weren't pretty enough for you, there's also this climbing vine that has small pink, tulip-shaped flowers that bloom from early summer to autumn.

After all Princess Diana was beloved all throughout the world, so she definitely deserves to have not just one but various flowers named after her.

Don't you think?

7. William Catherine Vanda Orchid

Facebook | The Royal Family

Vanda orchids are some of my favorite orchids and I'm so jealous that Prince William and his wife Catherine have one named after them.

8. William and Catherine Rose


Prince William and Catherine were also an inspiration for this white rose that was featured at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show.

9. Georgie Boy Daffodil


I guess if you're the next king in line for the throne you get your own yellow daffodil. I'm so envious. I love daffodils.

10. Clematis Charlotte


Not to be outdone by her brother, little princess Charlotte has inspired numerous beautiful blooms of her own like this gorgeous purple Clematis Charlotte. So pretty.

11. Princess Anne Rose


Roses seem to be a popular theme for royal family members. This deep-pink flower honors the princess' work for the Riding for the Disabled charity.

Look at all those pretty flowers. I would love to have a flower named after me.

I guess a girl can dream. Right? Ha, ha. For now, I will admire these.