Jessica Simpson Is Being Criticized For Letting Her Daughter Dye Her Hair Purple

Another day means another celebrity parent is being criticized on the internet. This time, it's Jessica Simpson who is getting some heat after she let her seven-year-old daughter dye her hair.

While it's fairly common for kids to start experimenting with their style at an early age, many thought Jessica's daughter was simply too young to be dyeing her hair.

Jessica Simpson has had a busy year.

The singer and fashion designer continues to work her magic and she also announced that she's in the process of writing her first book, set to be released next year!

Things have also been busy for Jessica's family.

Jessica and her husband, Eric Johnson, also welcomed their third child in March — a baby girl named Birdie. Congrats!

As with a lot of other celeb parents, Jessica and Eric have been parent-shamed online for sharing photos of their kids.

The couple stirred up controversy when Jessica posted this picture of Eric carrying Birdie in her car seat. Apparently, people thought the blanket over the car seat was unsafe.

Jessica was also shamed for sharing this adorable photo of her daughters.

Why would people shame her for posting this cute picture, you ask?

Well, a number of people commented that Birdie should be sleeping on her back.

It is recommended that babies sleep on their back for safety reasons, but this pose was purely just for the picture, people!

Jessica even low-key shaded the haters in a follow-up post.

In the caption for this photo she wrote, "I like to pose on my belly, but I love to sleep on my back." So there you go!

This time, Jessica is being shamed over some photos her shared of her oldest daughter, Maxwell.

Maxwell recently turned seven-years-old and if you ask me, she is Jessica's mini-me!

Like her mom, Maxwell has a serious sense of style.

Instagram | @jessicasimpson

I guess it's not hard when your mom is a style icon.

And like a lot of girls her age, Maxwell is interested in makeup and fashion.

Some girls were just born to be fashionistas! Most seven-year-olds show interest in discovering their own identity through their clothes and hairstyle.

Recently, Jessica shared these photos of Maxwell's new hairstyle on her Instagram account.

Instagram | @jessicasimpson

"Inspired by The Descendants," Jessica wrote in the Instagram caption. The Descendents is a live-action Disney show based on the children of Disney villains.

Jessica also posted a picture of Maxwell in the salon while she was getting her hair dyed.

Instagram | @jessicasimpson

It looks like she had a lot of fun at the salon!

However, as soon as Jessica posted these photos a number of people commented and criticized her for letting Maxwell dye her hair.


Some worried that dying her hair at a young age would ruin Maxwell's hair, while others thought she was just too young.

Others had mixed feelings about letting a child dye her hair.

Instagram | @cindymrobertson45

Dyed hair is still a controversial choice for some people, especially when it comes to kids.

Many of Jessica's fans and followers defended her, though.

Instagram | @theofficialheavenlyaddiction

This Instagram user basically told the critics to mind their own business. What Jessica and Maxwell decide to do with her hair is their choice!

Others are done with people mom-shaming Jessica online.

Instagram | @purplepiper

It seems that celeb parents can't post any pictures of their kids without people commenting or criticizing. Enough is enough!