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16+ Everyday Objects That Were Surprisingly Hard To Recognize

The more we get used to seeing objects a certain way, the easier it is to take them for granted. After all, much like movie editing or internet service, the only time we notice the qualities of these everyday objects is when something changes.

At first, we might be inclined to think that a noticeable difference is just the mark of a defective product. But when every other one in the shop has the same strange feature, it soon becomes clear that it was added on purpose.

From there, it's hard not to become curious as to why this change happened. And while we can't solve all of the universe's little mysteries, the internet can at least help us knock out a few of them.

This tool was hanging in the uploader's mom's garage, but it would probably be easier to recognize when it's in use.

Reddit | Rinnaul

That's because this was the winder for the awning on their dad's RV, which makes a lot more sense the more we look at it.

This might not look familiar to many of us, but it serves a very common purpose.

Reddit | King_Pires

This concrete box is actually a type of well that's often seen throughout Asia. The reason why it's so different from the wells we see stateside is that it's connected to a natural spring that constantly feeds into it.

This strange chip was found in the uploader's suitcase, which naturally made them curious about what they were looking at.

Reddit | Whyisthislimitedto20

While some might start worrying that their luggage somehow picked up a hidden recorder, the reality is that somebody's earbud apparently broken in transit and this is one of the pieces.

These shopping carts all have magnifying glasses and there's a pretty good reason for that.

Reddit | ReeditorReeditor

These carts belong to a German drug retailer called DM and these lenses were included to make it easier to read the fine print on pharmaceutical labels.

When this window gets frosted over, this circular imprint often appears.

Reddit | torcherfj

The reason has to do with the fact that this glass spent long periods stuck to a suction cup before it was installed.

Although an Allen wrench isn't an unusual sight, it's easy to forget how many different sizes they can come in.

Reddit | yooobuddy

After all, this world has sockets of as many sizes as we can think of and each one needs the right tool for the job.

This installation with these four wheels may be a head-scratcher in this country, but it's a common sight in Spain.

Reddit | Samipie27

As for its purpose, it helps people who are at risk of developing arthritis exercise their forearms and shoulders.

An airport employee posted this photo after this holster was left on an airplane and they became understandably curious about it.

Reddit | NostraThomas1

They soon learned that it's a camera holster made by a company called Spider. They also learned that it's pretty expensive, which sucks for the passenger.

Anybody who's ever discovered they're taller than a hotel shower head might shed a tear of joy at this bathroom.

Reddit | akos_beres

This hotel is next to FedExForum stadium in Memphis and its shower was specifically designed to accommodate basketball players.

This butter knife wouldn't look out of place at a fancy dinner party, but there's a reason it has these little notches.

Reddit | booboothefoooooool

And that's because it's known as the "master" butter knife, which means it's used not to butter roles, but to section out individual slices of butter to each dinner guest.

If you see this on a post, the answer for why it's there is probably on a neighboring one.

Reddit | GameMonkeyDev

If someone wants to close a driveway, they'll stretch the banner from this post to its neighbor to signify that you can't go through.

And if they want to open the driveway up again, they'll use the winch on this post to draw the banner back.

Most of us don't have much reason to look closely at Target bags, but this is you'll find if you do.

Reddit | YellowStarGaming

While it's kind of nice to have some ideas for how you can re-use the bag, I definitely wouldn't recommend following them in this order. Yuck.

When the wrong objects end up in the washing machine, they can turn out almost unrecognizable when they come out.

Reddit | Disclosinq

In this case, it would be incredibly difficult to tell that this is a Nintendo Switch membership card if the code hadn't somehow survived.

And before anyone gets their hopes up, it's already been redeemed.

If your raincoat is anything like this one, you'll notice something interesting when it gets wet.

Reddit | trashyfictions

As we can see, rainfall will reveal a nice little floral pattern when enough of it makes contact with the coat.

Although there's always some difference in how home-grown vegetables turn out, it usually doesn't involve this unique shape.

Reddit | kcbcg222

As you can see, this one sort of looks like it has a nose and it would be interesting to get a fix on how this happened.

The uploader found this laying on their desk and it might not take long to find some uses for it.

Reddit | Holland45

That's because it's a stylus that's intended to work with with various tablets and it doesn't seem to matter whether you have a Kindle, iPad, or a Nexus.

This hard drive had a black, clay-like substance inside and that has a lot to do with its age.

Reddit | popcornondemand

It turns out that old hard drives often contain a piece of activated charcoal that acts as an air filter, while newer ones tend to use smaller charcoal beads.

This nonstick pot can't really be used normally due to the fact that these strange blades are in the way.

Reddit | CaladriaNapea

Indeed, this pot has the much more specific purpose of roasting nuts and beans and it's supposed to work particularly well with coffee beans.

This hole wasn't put in this milk jug due to damage, but it'll come in handy if that damage does occur.

Reddit | Daniel_Min

That's because it's what's called a "pressure relief hole" and its job is to pop out when someone drops the jug, which then prevents the milk from exploding out of it.

These missing pieces would certainly make it harder for these school buses to transport kids. Fortunately, that's not their job.

Reddit | lizziecapo

Despite their familiar design, these actually aren't school buses at all, but rather buses used to transport stacks of watermelons.

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