10+ Times The 'Golden Girls' Destroyed Us With Their Roasts

What do you get when you have four witty women under one roof? Golden Girls.

These women go head to head every hour of the day to out-roast each other.

And it's still prime entertainment today. These are some of their most savage moments.

Dorothy has literally never passed up an opportunity to shade any of her flat mates.


And it's no secret Blanche is one of her favorite targets.

Rose also loves shading Blanche.


Classic Rose.

This is what makes the show so great, to be honest. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Dorothy's savagery leaves no (wo)man behind.


Roasting Rose's intellect is one of the hilarious gags on Golden Girls.

And we love every moment.

Blanche's often subjects her flatmates to dramatic retellings of her raunchy history, recent or otherwise.


But today it is Too Much for Dorothy.

And can we blame her? Her ears are probably hurting.

Even Sophia can't pass up an opportunity to unleash her wit on Blanche.


Here she compares their pasts, implying that while she never contracted an STI, Blanche most certainly did.

Rose is Dedicated™ to annoying Dorothy.


Look at this screencap!

Clearly, we know the commitment she was willing to make.

This mother-daughter team can successfully deliver shade on a schedule.


And that's what being family is all about!

If you disagree, then you clearly didn't watch the show carefully enough.

Rose is a little spacey. Which is what endears us to her character.


Unfortunately, the rest of the Golden Girls aren't too endeared by it.

She may be a bit ditzy, but Rose delivers some of the funniest one liners on the show.


Like this time she saw an opportunity and took it.

Slow clap.

Occasionally Dorothy goes too far when roasting Blanche.


Like this time Blanche fired back.

But admit it, you laughed. Come on, we all did.

It would seem that shade runs in Dorothy and Sophia's family. When Sophia and her sister were fighting, a savage blow was struck.


I'm honestly surprised Sophia survived this battle.

Shade may run in Dorothy's family but according to her, something else runs in Blanche's.


This is...savage beyond reason.

We bow down to her.

Blanche's southern charm has gotten her far in life. Not to mention a cute twang.


But can it protect her from Sophia's insults?


No one is safe from Sophia's roasts.


Not even her daughter Dorothy.

But at least we know that she treats everyone equally!

Sophia is so savage she can roast en masse.


What a legend.