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17+ Wild Pics That Prove Hospitals Are One Crazy Place To Be

The hospital can be a grim place. People go there when they're hurt, people die there, and sometimes things get messy. But if you can get past all that, you'll mostly remember the laughter. Maybe.

I just lost my appetite for gummy bears.

Reddit | Apotator

A bunch of trickster nurses gave gummy bears these fun symptoms. This wouldn't be a bad tool for anyone who's on a diet. Even if you've got a mega sweet tooth, you probably don't want a "carbon monoxide poisoning" flavored gummy bear.

Every year.

Reddit | icantredd1t

This duck looks like she owns this hospital, and she pretty much does. Every year, she walks through the hospital to an interior courtyard to lay her eggs. Once they've hatched, she leads them back outside.

These crossovers are getting stale.

Reddit | namakius

I kid, I kid. This might make for a boring movie, but the fact that the windows at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital are washed by straight-up superheroes is pretty awesome.

Dr. Meme!

Reddit | Ninja5Tuna5

Seeing this guy — you know, the guy from the meme — in this hospital would be unsettling. At best, it means you're in for a situation that will cause you to visibly cringe.

Seems unnecessary.

Reddit | dukesinatra

I'm not saying that those involved in organized crime shouldn't get the same medical attention as everyone else, but I certainly don't think they deserve their own special parking section.

Message unclear.

Reddit | SamFranCisco89

Formatting is your friend. I think the person who made this sign wants the reader to give blood, but I'm not sure. It might be urging me to let paranoia take over.

Classic doctor humor.

Reddit | armorforalex

I want to believe that this adorable interaction really happened. But this took place in a hospital, where everything smells like coffee and facemasks, but nothing ever smells happy.

They meant well.

Reddit | Leelubell

There's nothing wrong with the stuff this hospital is trying to encourage. But they needed to pick a better acronym. Pretty soon you'll have people SHARTing all over the hospital.

If this display could talk.

Reddit | LargeMeatball

This ER preserves the fish hooks it's pulled out of various people for posterity. Just think of all of the poor decisions that went into the pieces that make up this display.

What's the source of this horse?

Reddit | Wasphopper

Maybe there's a perfectly rational explanation for this. Maybe two patients put on one of those two-person horse outfits. All I know is there's a horse loose in the hospital. I think eventually everything's going to be OK, but I have no idea what's going to happen next.

Passing the time.

Reddit | eitakesor

This guy cut his finger really badly and needed to find a way to kill some time. It's cute, right? Maybe his mom will put it up on the fridge.

One more round.

Reddit | thebigt42

I have no idea what's going on with this picture. Are they humoring a patient, or is this just what they do when someone goes on a hot streak?

First, do not too much harm.

Reddit | aliass_

I love the fact that this book was found in a doctor's office. I would absolutely not love it if this book was found in my doctor's office, though.

They get all the channels.

Reddit | Prison_Suitcase

If the news outlets bore you, and you're not in the mood for Turner Classic Movies, this hospital has a whole lot of, uh, Available for Insertion in its TV listings.

Is this where Dr. Surgeon works?

Reddit | JohninMyCoins

You know how some video games fill their worlds with believable details, while others take a super low-effort approach? Let's just say that this hospital belongs to the latter category.

Clearly, the uploader's dad got a little bored while waiting at their bedside.

Reddit | trinhead

This goofball glove may be a little startling when it's the first thing you see after waking up in the hospital, but it's definitely moire comforting to see it on your visitor than on the doctor.

Is there something we should know about this hospital?

Reddit | ajag008

Not only do we apparently know what the hospitals look like in Gotham City, but one of them somehow has a direct route to the Bat Cave.

As long as the bats stay where they belong, I suppose that's fine.

Staff at this animal hospital found enough odds and ends lying around to make this "wizard."

Reddit | Surf6969

Most of its body is obviously made from pet hair, but those things floating over its head are actually dog toenails.


So far, nobody can tell who this woman is, but this photo of her is a regular fixture at one strange hospital.

Reddit | toridzwil

Not only does it randomly show up on bulletin boards, elevators, and hallways, but it's apparently done so for the last 10 years.

That's a lot of dedication for such a confusing prank.

Apparently, the patient responsible for this mishap thought this CO2 cartridge would help with his hemorrhoids.

Reddit | serious_case_of_derp

It's hard to tell exactly how he arrived at that conclusion, but I hope I don't need to tell anyone that it didn't work.

This is actually a really good idea for decorating the lobby of a children's hospital.

Reddit | Gringogoth

Not only can patients bask in the comforting presence of the world's greatest ambassador of love and life, but the fact that they bandaged up one of his hands is a nice touch.

This probably isn't the best place to put an exit, especially if it's supposed to be an emergency one.

Reddit | gsoltesz

Not only is hopping over chairs not something we want to in an emergency, but it's pretty likely that some of the patients who checked in that day couldn't even if this somehow made perfect sense to them.

One thing is definitely for sure, this hospital gets its share of visitors.

Reddit | PondaBabaArm

If the staff get the feeling that their day's been busier than usual, they need only look at the butt imprints in these chairs to confirm their suspicions.

Sometimes, it's not the hospital that holds the craziest stuff, but the parking garage underneath it.

Reddit | klausfu

For whatever reason, the information booth inside has this strange dummy lying around.

Either somebody didn't get away with using this to get in the carpool lane or someone else did get away with putting this in their place while they slack off.

Unless there's a sign on this door, I can only imagine that a lot of patients won't be able to stay away from this hospital for long.

Reddit | KawaiiAspie

I wonder how long it took the reception staff to get used to seeing the same patient twice every day?

It's sights like these that serve as a good reminder why so many horror movies take place in hospitals.

Reddit | carcigenicate

No matter how far medical technology advances, it seems that students aren't getting any closer to the opportunity to practice on a non-creepy dummy.

Apparently, the discovery of some cockroaches in one of the stairwells inspired this short, tragic tale.

Reddit | ballycolmangirl

May the roach beach rest in peace. It was tragically struck down in its prime for being too unsanitary to lie around in a hospital.

This is yet another example showing why even hospitals aren't safe from the actions of rogue pranksters.

Reddit | Warlach

Still, the fact that someone filed off the end of the P on this patient slide board was enough to brighten the uploader's day, so that's definitely worth something.

This was likely a coincidence, but it's hard not to see this as anything but a signature.

Reddit | 80O8I3S

It's like a surgeon was so proud of the job they did on this patient that they had to commemorate the experience.

Believe it or not, this beer actually has a legitimate medical reason for being here.

Reddit | FlySupaFly

Not everyone understands how serious alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be, but having some medical beer around can potentially be life-saving.

There's a reason why some kids at this children's hospital looked outside to see a surprise firefighter at their window.

Reddit | HeyCaptain30

They had visited to show some sick kids their firetruck, but learned that not all of them were well enough to come down and see it.

So instead, they hoisted the ladder up and brought the excitement to the kids directly.

It's a little hard to make out, but a sign on this helicopter gives a special hint to where it usually goes.

Reddit | 405freeway

You may recognize it as a "baby on board" sign and it's appropriate because this chopper often services children's hospitals in Los Angeles.

Although there's some disagreement as to what HapyBot here does, it certainly looks dapper as it carries out its duties.

Reddit | fett2517

Right now, the best guesses are that it's either a cleaning bot or a transporter of medical samples. Either way, nice bowtie.

Hospitals aren't usually the most entertaining places for children, so it's not much of a surprise that the uploader's daughter would do something like this.

Reddit | Sippy5073

There are likely a lot of hospitals that are supposed to be haunted, but it's hard to believe that they have ghosts as adorable as this one.

Kill it now.

Reddit | [deleted]

A trail of blood on the floor? Kinda gross, but no biggie. A recently removed leech making a bid for freedom? Kill it with fire, and maybe burn the whole hospital down while you're at it.

Fair question.

Reddit | RandenVanguard

I don't know what fantasy world this hospital thinks it exists in, but where I come from, toilets do actual work. People don't just toss TP in and then flush.

Is this a hostage situation?

Reddit | ashortstorylong

It might look like a desperate message on the window of this Los Angeles hospital. Squint and read the message, though, and it's just one solitary maverick asking the world for pizza. We can all relate.

It was only a matter of time.

Reddit | gajjartejas

This hospital in India must have been built a few years ago. By now, they're probably less worried about PUBG-related psychosis, focusing instead on opening a brand-new Fortnite wing.

When doctors make dad jokes.

Reddit | Slicktcklr

It's funny and all, but if you're the employer, what do you do? Like, your employee is saying they've lost their ability to even, and a certifiable doctor backs them up on it.