9+ Hacks To Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

As July comes to an end and August is on the horizon students are starting to think about back to school. And with back to school comes the realization that you'll be moving away and moving into a dorm room.

So how do you make it all homey and cozy so you don't get homesick? Here's how.

1. Fluffy It Up

How adorable is this pink and fluffy dorm room? You can easily transform that boring space into charming pink heaven with fluffy throws and pillows.

2. Cozy Small Space

Just because you're technically stuck in a very small space doesn't mean it needs to look ordinary. The use of color and wall decals is magical.

3. Create A Splash

And literally here! How cool is this blue wave wallpaper design? It automatically takes this otherwise simple dorm room space into another world. Surfin' USA!

4. Just Hangin' Out

When you move into a dorm room you may think you've got no space to make it your own. Use a hanging shelf to personalize it.

5. Two-In-One


On a similar note, no room for a desk, no worries. This bunk bed/desk design is both practical and visually pleasing. I think this idea is pure genius.

6. Office Space


Staying organized while you study is essential for any student. So this super cool shelf idea will definitely come in handy when you're pulling an all-nighter.

7. Creativity Zone

And if you absolutely don't have room for a proper desk why not get a serving tray such as this to do your work on? Cute idea.

8. Pop Of Color

Keeping your space bright and happy can be the key to succeeding in school. I love how open this space is and the use of color.

9. Bring In The Greenery

There's nothing better to make you feel more at home than green plants. They will not only make you happier but clean the air too.

10. Design A Closet Space

Closet space can be scarce in a dorm room but this nifty organizer will easily store a lot of your clothes shoes and all.

11. Create Memories

It can be hard to miss your family while you're away. So take a bunch of Polaroids and hang them up like a memory collage.

12. Find Extra Storage

Instagram | @sterilitecorporation

You can get creative about utilizing all your nooks and crannies to find extra storage such as under the bed and stackable storage units like these.

13. Stay Organized


Don't worry about not being able to eat in your dorm room because you can find ways to create extra space for all your stuff.

14. Add Some Mood Lighting

Heart Handmade UK

All you need are some ping pong balls and fairy lights to create a one-of-a-kind DIY light and decoration for your room.

Decorate the ping pong balls with polka dots, using paint pens.

Heart Handmade UK

Then, cut small holes in the balls and attach them to your fairy lights. How cool does this look?

I hope you're loving these dorm room ideas as much as I do.

Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

It should make your transition to dorm living that much easier and help you adjust faster.