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17+ People Who Messed Up In The Most Impressive Ways Possible

When we've been trusted to do something, it can honestly be pretty devastating when we mess it up. Whether it was through any fault of our own or not, it's easy to start picturing the worst case scenario and then panicking even harder and picturing unrealistically bad ones.

You may roll your eyes, but it's surprisingly easy to go from "I'm probably going to have to pay for this," to "I will actually be put on death row."

Even with all that gloom and doom, however, sometimes our mistakes are so beyond what we expected we were capable of that we might feel a weird sense of pride about it.

So even in the irrational moments when we're worried we'll be executed for the things on this list, we can still be sure they'll tell our story afterwards.

1. Believe it or not, this was supposed to be a nice Hello Kitty cake.

Reddit | cheekychunkymonkey

And yes, Hello Kitty is present and it's certainly a detailed affair, but the last thing that something we're supposed to eat needs is realistic eyes. Seriously, this is terrifying.

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2. The construction noises may have been annoying, but this person would've had an even ruder awakening if they tried to ignore them.

Reddit | ghost20000

It's hard to tell what the construction crew was doing, but punching a hole in the ceiling and dropping insulation on somebody's bed probably wasn't part of the plan.

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3. Unless whoever cut this pizza was blindfolded, I'm not sure how they actually accomplished this.

Reddit | Luminescent_Echo

As much as certain jobs may suck, this is why we need to be sober when we do them.

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4. We may need street lights in our neighborhoods, but it's possible to be a little too ambitious about them.

Reddit | GlassOfLiquor

Some people may wear sunglasses at night to try and be cool, but we should never fault anyone who lives on this street for that fashion choice.

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5. It's kind of hard to tell who actually caused this parallel parking nightmare, but they seemed to accomplish the impossible.

Reddit | Faye_Kinnit

I can only wonder if the middle car's hood was already up because otherwise, how does one wedge it open using only the back of the SUV in front of it?

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6. Despite how it looks, the prevailing theory is that whoever put this wall in used the wrong kind of material.

Reddit | para_sight

This might mean that what seems like intense burn marks are actually mold. Ugh, that almost makes the alternate conclusion that they used a flamethrower as a hand dryer seem pleasant.

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7. Generally, it helps to actually tell people what they can't do when you make a sign like this.

Reddit | WesleySnopes

Obviously, making that circle with the line through it is pretty tricky if someone was so focused on that that they forgot to have a point.

"Just don't, OK? Just don't."

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8. Somehow, this ended up embedded in a sandwich at Panera Bread.

Reddit | Am3ncorn3r

So not only has some lucky customer been treated to a delicious connector, but it'll probably take the staff hours to figure out why their internet doesn't work anymore.

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9. No, Kyle didn't run out of Monster energy drink and he didn't just find out that his mom's boyfriend is moving in either.

Reddit | sicklyandsour

Instead, it turns out that the uploader just happened to stumble on the stairs and put her elbow through the wall.

Unless she's made of iron, that doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the wall.

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10. We can only guess what wrongs the spouse did to prompt a response like this.

Reddit | Mr_Traum

I do kind of love the idea that someone saw another soon-to-be-ex fling their spouse's stuff out the window and kept a mental tally of the money wasted like the dad in Everybody Hates Chris.

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11. No matter which of these options turns out to be true, it's clear that somebody made a terrible mistake.

Reddit | Great_WhiteSnark

Personally, my money is on someone leaving this car around a driving range. This definitely seems like a group effort.

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12. Unfortunately, these are the perils of packing your lunch before you've had your coffee.

Reddit | ToaTom

The definition of a sandwich may be loose, nebulous one, but I don't think the claim that this doesn't count will be all that controversial.

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13. It's amazing how easily a genuine sign of appreciation can end up seeming sarcastic.

Reddit | Jofriendly

Why do I get the feeling that someone forgot to let the kids in Troop 525 know they were supposed to watch these plants once the girls that put them here aged out of the program?

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14. I once had a frozen pizza that looked like this and it tasted about as good as you might expect.

Reddit | TengoZoo

I was a kid when that happened, so I don't recall if my grandparents left it in the oven for two-and-a-half hours, but they were as good at reading the box's directions as this person was at grilling.

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15. Oh, speaking of frozen pizza...

Reddit | daddysnakeboi

This is what happens when you forget you're cooking a pizza and accidentally leave it in the oven for eight hours. It turns into a double-chocolate cookie.

But I would not recommend taking a bite out of this one.

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16. Although it's hard to recommend trying something like this, it's also hard to say that the person responsible for it "messed up."

Reddit | fishing-for-birdie93

Somehow, the utterly insane idea of trying to fit a whole SUV into the pack of a pickup truck seemed to work out for them.

I'm not sure I'll ever understand how they accomplished it, though.

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17. When you can't find the parking space you want, just make a new one!

Reddit | LividBit

Again, unless whoever did this was actually trying to put their car through the wall, that really doesn't make this parking garage seem very sturdy.

That's especially true if the car is totally fine.

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18. We may have seen baggage handlers get a little rough with our stuff sometimes, but this is taking it way too far.

Reddit | emmy_emma

It's hard to even imagine the kind of day they were having if it led one of them to seriously start tap-dancing on someone's luggage.

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19. This hat is kind of nice to look at, but it will probably feel a little weird to wear.

Reddit | justrun7

That's because it's actually made out of hair. That sort of thing is expected for a wig, of course, but not so much for a hat.

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20. There goes a roller coaster rider's phone.

Reddit | lmmlmh

As screw-ups go, this was nothing if not scenic. Here's hoping the phone didn't end up crunched in the gears.

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21. Would you rather drop your phone off a roller coaster, or into a bucket of industrial paint?

Reddit | vFluxi

Somehow I suspect it will take more than a bag of rice to fix this, if anything even will.

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22. This person probably saw their misfortune in Matrix-style slow motion.

Reddit | sampo_4

First, the lamp got knocked over. It hit the coffee cup, knocking it over. The coffee just happened to be right over the power strip. And that's the trifecta.

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23. Even for experienced mechanics, this has to be a new kind of problem.

Reddit | Merytz

Obviously this tool has seen better days, but to literally tear itself apart trying to get a nut off is next level.

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24. This person's chicken dinner came with a high cost.

Reddit | gothamsdarknight

Also a pricey lesson in how hot the barbecue's lid can get, and can stay even when it's open.

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25. This is why I never get involved in prank wars.

Reddit | whudaboutit

It definitely must have felt like a feat and a half to get the bike's handlebars through that tiny opening. I'd like to find out if they ever got out again.

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26. This person had no luck with thier new truck.

Reddit | Nalukai

Apparently backing up with a new pickup truck can turn expensive very quickly when you knock over your complex's mailboxes.

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27. One Amazon delivery carrier had a busy day on their hands.

Reddit | readyspaghetti

And, unfortunately, they still have a busy day ahead of them re-locating all of these packages to their proper home.

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28. All this person had to do to bloody up their eye was sneeze.

Reddit | Vamcani

If your nose can explode so hard you burst a blood vessel in your eye, you take a picture to remember it by.

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29. As manufacturing errors go, this is a doozy.

Reddit | landmatt

You can't even be sure that this measuring tape starts on a whole number, so you can't just do math every time you measure something. It's a total waste.

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30. I audibly said "oh no" the second I saw this disastrous photo.

Reddit | Missburr

This is the moment where you know you've made a terrible mistake, and when you decide it's easier to just pack up everything you own and move houses.

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31. Someone managed to snap a photo of Jonah Hill at precisely the moment the lid came off his coffee.

Reddit | im_wabbit_hunting

Look at that face. It's such an unassuming, worry-free face. He's frozen in time here, completely unaware that his day is about to become significantly worse in about .5 seconds.

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32. This person left their Roomba to run unattended and realized they'd made a grave mistake.

Reddit | screamicide

In their absence, their robot vacuum managed to run over some dog poop and then proceed to drag said poop throughout the entire house while it continued to "clean".

Do they make robot mops?

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33. Honest mistake or an opportunity seized? You decide.

Reddit | planetCEC

Either way, I'm sure Kevin Hart wasn't too happy to have been disrespected like that at a basketball game.

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34. Not quite the great escape I'm sure he was hoping for, but still impressive nonetheless.

Reddit | adityar1802

I'm sure everyone had a good laugh about this, too. Well, the guards at least. I doubt the prisoner had much to laugh about after he squeezed out of that hole there.

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35. Tell me you haven't always wondered if this has ever happened before.

Reddit | needmorexanax

Every time I'm at Home Depot I watch those people mix the paint cans in those massive mixers and I just wait for the terrible day one of those lids isn't on tight enough and...well, this happens.

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36. Maybe just add some more eggs to even out the ratio?

Reddit | chickenalfredy

Although judging from the sizable pile of pepper there, I'd say this person would need to add ten or eleven more eggs to make everything even again. Yikes.

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37. "It might rain today, I think I'll take my umbrella out."

Reddit | xbumblebee

I'm just impressed they managed to catch a picture of their poor umbrella top flying off into the unknown.

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38. This guy requested a window seat and this is what he got.

Reddit | dr--moreau

Hope he enjoyed his flight of staring at the side of an airplane for however-many-hours while cursing the day he ever decided to special request a seat.

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39. While it's definitely cute that this kindergarten in Taiwan recognized each kid for their gardening work, the way they did it seems horrific out of context.


Until those plants sprout up, a passer-by could certainly be forgiven for assuming that something terrible happened here. Yikes.

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40. The problem here isn't just that someone left an army jeep in a disabled parking space with a flat tire.

Reddit | addisjensen

No, the mind-boggling part about this is that they managed to do all of that with a U.S. Army jeep in Finland.

I get the feeling that somebody's looking at a court-martial for this.

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