10+ Pics That Will Make 2000s Girls Cringe

Ah, growing up is always a little stressful. Isn't it? But today's kids will never know the struggle of growing up when the internet was just at its infancy and flip phones were a thing.

Just read and learn from what some of us had to go through. And don't try to LOL too much because that also didn't exist.

1. Those Britney Phone Cases

Remember those tacky Britney Spears or other boy band type of phone cases you were dying to get? They would be pretty funny now.

2. Ankle Socks

So yes, ankle socks didn't exactly exist back then but if you got particularly crafty you could just make yourself a pair. People actually did that.

3. Hawaiian Punch

Don't tell me you weren't obsessed with Hawaiian Punch, huh? To me, that is a timeless classic. Ain't nobody is gonna touch that one. Ha, ha!

4. The Accidental Internet Touch


OMG, I totally forgot about that one. This brings back some frantic memories of trying to quickly back out. Oh, the stress was real.

5. Favorite Treats

So many oldies but goodies here. Which one is your favorite treat from the 2000s? I remember I couldn't get enough of Maltesers. They were so addictive.

6. The Collect Call

Twitter | @TechedUpTeacher

Does this look familiar to anyone who only had a pager growing up? Fess up, how many times did you end up doing that? Poor mom.

7. Paid Ringtones

Twitter | @amiiwg

Did you know that we had to pay for polyphonic ringtones for our phone? Yes, indeed. And they would totally add up. Cue in SATC theme song.

8. "Gossip Girl"

We did our best to channel our inner Gossip Girl especially when we went on a trip with ten of our closest girlfriends. Ah, good times.

9. Limewire

Twitter | @_calev

Was it just me or did you also spend endless hours on Limewire trying to download that one track only to find out it was the wrong one?

10. Bratz Obsessed

Twitter | @amiiwg

You would never admit it now but back then you were totally obsessed with everything Bratz that you lined up to see the movie in the theatre.

11. Please Rewind

You got royally pissed off when you rented a movie and you had to rewind it because the person before you didn't. I know, that's so rude.

12. Worshiping Britney

So you literally worshipped Britney only to find out she totally ripped off just about everyone. Not that original. Although, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

13. You've Been Nudged


Remember when that friend of yours thought it would be fun to nudge you on MSN until your computer freezes? Yeah, I'm not laughing now.

14. Sabrina The Teenage Witch


Life was so much more fun for Sabrina The Teenage Witch that even though her adventures were pretty unrealistic you still wanted to be her.

15. Plastic Strap Bra


Oh boy, I had so many of these and I even had my favorite pair. Like I would lose it if I couldn't find it.

16. Bakugan Balls

Instagram | @doyourememberthe2000s

Does this bring back some memories? These Bakugan balls were so popular some people had like 300 of them at one point. Wow, that's really impressive.

17. Bibble

Those Barbie movies sure were addictive, weren't they? Especially the ones where Bibble made an appearance. Don't tell me you weren't obsessed with it. Come on.

18. Channeling Favorite Popstars

I bet you were one of those girls who wanted to have Pink's hair, Avril's attitude and Britney's sweet girl persona huh? We all did.

19. Butterflies Everywhere

I dunno why but little girl fashion seem to take a while to disappear. I dunno why we all jumped on this bandwagon, but oh well. It was a strange time for everyone.

20. Bratz Dolls-Inspired Makeup

You took your Bratz dolls obsession one step further by using your face as a canvas to show your love for them. Ha, ha.

21. Bratz Nail Job

And if you didn't want to go the makeup route then you definitely opted for these Bratz-inspired fake nails. They look so elaborate.

22. Plucking Your Eyebrows


If you become best friends with your tweezers you know my pain now. Growing those babies back has been a years-long struggle. Am I right?

23. Hairbands With Names On Them


Remember that day you showed up to school with that hairband that had your name on it? You became instant cool. Truth.

24. Zig Zag Hair


This was one of those annoying hair trends that we took way too much time to perfect. Imagine all that wasted time ladies. Ugh, why?

25. Rolled-Up Skirt


So what if your parents made you go to Catholic school instead of regular school. That wasn't going to stop you from looking sexy, right. Heck, people wore these skirts even if they didn't go to Catholic school.

26. Chunky Shoes

Somehow we thought those chunky shoes would make us look more sophisticated but instead, they kinda looked weird. And they didn't really go with everything either.

27. Mary-Kate And Ashley

Instagram | @doyoulovethe2000s

Don't roll your eyes at me. I know you were such a huge fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley that you didn't miss any of their films.

28. Your Love Of This Nokia Phone


Ah, bless its heart. Your very first mobile phone. I loved my little Nokia and I was so proud to carry it around.

29. So Many Graphic Shirts


I can't believe that my parents actually let me go out in public with these shirts on. It was a weird time for fashion.

30. And Why Did We Think This Was A Good Look?


Yes, fuzzy hats were once considered fashionable. Let's keep this trend in the 2000s, shall we?

Ha, ha, ha growing up in the early 2000s was so much different than it is now.

Kids basically have access to everything while all we had was dial-up.