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Someone Made Croc 'Gloves' And We're Thoroughly Confused

Emily McWilliams 30 Jul 2019

The beauty of the internet is that people can share their unique sense of style and their DIY projects with the world. Sometimes, people are creative enough to merge these two things together.

That's exactly what one Reddit user did when they debuted their Croc "gloves" and to be honest, we aren't really sure what to think about these.

You're probably familiar with Crocs.

These foam clogs are a staple of gardeners and had a brief surge in popularity during the early 2000s. The brand is still going strong and apparently, people still wear these shoes.

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One Reddit user decided to take these shoes to the next level.

Reddit | rightcoastguy

Reddit user rightcoastguy shared these photos to the platform with the caption, "For my newest unnecessary invention I am equally disgusted yet in love. I made the first ever pair of Crocs Gloves."

I am speechless.

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If you're like me, you're probably confused by these gloves.

Now, this was just someone's personal DIY project and not official Crocs merchandise, but the company does have a pretty extensive line of products.

There are Crocs flats, Crocs heels, Crocs sandals... when did they branch out?!

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Another company has even made Crocs-inspired purses.

I'm not sure where I've been these past few years, but apparently, Crocs have not gone out of style and they still have a die-hard following.

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