12+ People Who Are Confused About The Female Body

Being a woman is a beautiful thing but it can definitely come with its own struggles and challenges. It may even seem that we come from a whole other planet but trust me we are earthlings after all.

So it may or may not come as a surprise to some people, (I mean mostly men), that we women operate differently and that's even truer when it comes to our bodies.

1. Pretty With Brains

Reddit | moonshadow264

Just because women tend to gravitate to visually pleasing objects doesn't mean we're not smart enough to value technology as well. We have brains, too! Who made this?

2. The Woman's Remote

Reddit | whitenerdy53

Even though this women's remote may seem a bit sexist I actually do find it quite funny. There's some truth to it. Am I right?

3. The Objectifier

Reddit | daelight_tk

Ladies, if your man treats you like a vehicle it's time to just walk away. Ain't nobody deserves that kind of treatment. Sorry, not sorry you shmuck.

4. The Wrong Kind Of Flirting

Reddit | PaceTry

Imagine having this conversation with a potential date? This guy definitely doesn't know how to impress a girl. What about Wonder Woman, huh pal?

5. Even NASA Gets It Wrong

Reddit | dillaq

OMG, who do they think we are? What woman would go through 100 tampons in a week? Come on NASA, not you too.

6. Ovary Act

Reddit | Sentient-Jello

Really ladies? Who posted that? As if you need more reasons for men to complain about women being over-dramatic and always overreacting. Not a good excuse.

7. The Historical Blunder

Reddit | sgtlizzie

This one has me rolling on the floor. I'm so glad we have come a long way since then. Because my man loves to drive fast.

8. The Secret Of Life And Death

Reddit | BradyH4

If all women died after the ran out of eggs there would be no older women in this world. Is this guy crazy?

9. No Sex On Mars

Reddit | i124nk8

Isn't this just a little bit extreme? As if a co-ed mission means they're going there not to discover Mars but just to have sex.

10. Um, What?

Reddit | juiceboxie8

Correction, men spend time in diapers too, as infants. And excuse me, but who loses control of the bowels? That's not how our bodies work.

11. Stereotyping Much?

Reddit | lollollollol1995

How about those women who actually want their husband's true opinion so they can stay in check and perhaps do something about it? Yes, we do exist.

12. This Pillow

Reddit | 1251isthetimethati

Okay, where do we even start with this? The only reason I would buy this pillow would be to burn it.

13. The Monthly Subscription

Reddit | icbawithlife

News flash, gentlemen: we ladies get our period every month, in case you forgot. We certainly haven't. So don't act surprised when we're having it again!

14. No Swim Leaks


Oh gosh, you're telling me that all these years I've been avoiding swimming at the pool while on a rag when I could've enjoyed myself? Really?

15. This Ignorant Idiot

Reddit | cainisreallycool

Where do people get ideas like this from? I'm sure it wasn't taught in school. I bet the 305 people who saw it and reacted on Facebook are confused too.

16. This Fart Expert


This guy thinks he's some kind of flatulence expert claiming that women's farts smell worse than men. I hope his roomate eats a can of beans.

17. This Hormonal Case

Reddit | khodor2012

A quick Google search would simply reveal that Testosterone is actually a male hormone. But I guess this guy was to busy to bother.

18. Sex Ed '90s Style

If you were taught this in school I want to sincerely apologize to you because you missed out on petting dogs all this time.

19. The Period Kegel Method


Kudos to this person for knowing what Kegel exercises are but they totally missed the mark on how women's periods work. What a dummy.

20. This Period Expert

Twitter | @StoneX92

I honestly wish this guy could switch bodies with a woman one day so he can see for himself that you can't do that.

21. This Health Nut

Reddit | chopstunk

Wow, I guess this guy skipped his anatomy lesson one too many times and he doesn't realize that menstruation is necessary for humans to procreate. Unbelievable.

22. This Cure For Migranes

Reddit | sara_mount

OMG, hallelujah finally a cure for those debilitating migraines I get. All I need is to pig out on can of beans and I'm cured.

23. This Paranoid Mama-To-Be


I dunno if I should laugh at this lady who's clearly so misguided she thinks having a hair cut can possibly harm the baby inside you.

24. The Baby Throw Up

Reddit | megaWatson

If all pregnant ladies thought this how it the heck they could ever get through morning sickness? Think about it? Just think, all I ask.

25. The Baby-Making Question

Reddit | TwinsisterWendy

Why are some people so confused about how babies are made? I know the whole egg donation is a bit unusual but still, come on!

26. The Sticky Pad Conundrum


I understand that most men haven't really had a chance to look at a pad inside out but why would you even think this?

27. The Poo Confusion

Reddit | je_suis_un_negre

I secretly wish that this person and the person who thinks women's farts smell worse could get into a conversation. How funny would that be?

28. The Advantage Of Womanhood

Reddit | Kore624

I'm literally ROTFL so hard here after reading this. What if all women started doing this in tandem? Ha, wouldn't that be funny?

29. This Husband Who Was Sent To Buy Tampons

Reddit | TokesNoMo

Pretty sure he did this on purpose, but c'mon... Obviously not THOSE "tampons".

30. The Dumbest Kind Of Bathroom

Reddit | beanichole

I would really love to know where this bathroom is located so I can go there and tag it with a ton of graffiti.

Wow, I'm baffled that there are people out there who still think women can't do all the things that men can or that we lack brains or something.

So sad. Thankfully the internet exists so we can set these people straight.