10+ Funny 'Back To School' Photo Ideas Parents Are Loving

Every summer, parents are anxiously counting down the days until they send their kids back to school. While we love our children and spending time with them is sweet, too much time at home can be a terrible, terrible thing. As the school year inches closer, parents may want to try some humor for those "back to school" photos for this school year.

Mom's jumping for joy.


Mom has been counting down the days until these five go back to school.

It's a celebration all around.


Balloons, party hats galore — mom and dad are finally off the hook.

Cheers, honey!


Finally, the school bus comes to get the kids and you can have breakfast without little fingers everywhere.

It's doomsday.


No kid is ready to go back to school after a fun-filled summer at home.

Little ones are always jealous.


Just wait until it's her turn and she realizes she misses staying home every single day with mom.

Truly torture.


It's like pulling teeth getting them on the school bus, right dad!?

"Mom, I can't adult today."


We'd all rather lay face down in the carpet than have to go back to school, right?

A monumental moment.


Each sign gets funnier and funnier as you go down the row.

Mom's happier than these kids will ever be.


Cheer up, kids, only 10 more months until summer comes back around!

No more picking out their outfits!


School uniforms mean that getting the kids dressed every day is a breeze!

A full-on party.


Mom and dad could not be any happier, trust me.

All these kids, out of her hair!


What a better way to celebrate saying goodbye to six kids for the entire week.

The countdown has ended!


And, we couldn't be happier!

He's not wrong!


Mom will never let them end.

Honesty is the best policy.


Kudos to mom for letting him live his honest truth!

Pray for moms everywhere.

Truly Sweet Photography

They truly know the struggle.

Perfect moment.

Instagram l @lynnsss8

Every kid is crying while every mom is thanking God that the summer is officially over.

The face of complete regret.

Instagram l @courtneyaddams

"Mom, take me back!"

Good going, mom.

Essentially Momming

Sometimes the first day of school comes upon us and we totally forget.

Mom's first day of freedom!

Focused on You Photography

Brilliant, mom.

She's truly happy.

Instagram l @bethesdababies

Every kid's entire mood summed up in one photo.

Force them in!


Time for drop off again, which we wanted to end all school year, but now we can't wait.

Finally, the ultimate mom photo.


Bye, Felicia, mommy has some relaxation to take care of.

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