Influencer Shares Refreshing 'Real' Versions Of Instagram Photos

In a sea of beautifully shot and perfectly posed Instagram pictures, there are some Influencers that are sharing the real side of being Instafamous.

One Amsterdam-based Instagrammer named Rianne Meijer, who's got a ton of followers, over 300,000, in fact, is making fun of the reality that most of her photos took forever to take and many posed angles.

And it's so refreshing to see.

How many times have you seen an Instagrammer looking all sultry while she's frolicking on some stunning beach on the Amalfi coast?

But it's actually just a posed glamour shot.

Everyone is always hanging out with their bestie looking gorgeous all the time. Right?

When in fact, hanging with your bud is not always as glamorous at it seems.

If you only believed Instagram when you looked at all those fitness pictures you would think that staying fit was a breeze but in reality, it is so much harder.

Most of us probably resemble the second picture more.

Posing with your pooch is always a good time but in those perfect photos, they seem to cooperate 100% of the time.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

But dog owners know the truth.

I can't tell you how often I had to give direction to whoever I suckered into taking a picture of me because some of us can't afford a professional photographer.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Who else has to play photographer with their friends?

Also, some of us are a lot better at posing than others.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

I always find this process so awkward that I usually crack up halfway through at least. So true.

Those gorgeous pictures in front of some kind of famous monument took lots of tries, perfect angles and of course lots of filters and presets to make them stand out.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Travel photos aren't always picture-perfect the first time.

Oh bikini shots, my favorite. Not!

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Every influencer out there has those hot bikini shots where they look like they spend every waking hour in the gym. It's all about the angles!

Why is it that chilling at a cafe with your latest designer coffee drink always looks so glamorous?

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

When I visit one it's full of laptops and students. LOL.

The scenic view picture.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

You'd think that everybody is just five minutes away from the most beautiful meadows, lavender fields and the most pristine scenery imaginable. Not so much.

If you haven't posted the perfect sunset picture what are you even doing on Instagram?

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Am I right? There's even presets cleverly designed just for that very purpose. Indeed.

If you ever tried taking a picture on the street with traffic you know the struggle but Instagram Influencers make it look so easy.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Just don't get run over.

The Swimsuit Babe

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Don't you hate it when you forget to suck in your stomach when you're taking that sexy swimsuit photo and you just ruined it? So annoying.

I can't tell you how many tries it takes to take a perfectly timed picture where your hair isn't in your face and the wind isn't blowing you away.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer


The Cute Picture

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Oh yes, this shot is one of those interesting ones I've seen on Instagram. It definitely takes some coordination not to get the nip slip. LOL!

Because we all sit on our kitchen cabinets playing with the cutest puppies all day. Right? Don't you do that too? I thought it was just me.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Ha, ha!

Farm Girl

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Going to the farm has never looked more glamorous than it does on Instagram. Unfortunately, some farms had to close their doors to the public because of it.

You'll never find me posing on Instagram in my underwear no matter how much I flex and what angles I use because I leave that to the professionals.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer


Looking Like A Goddess

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

So many Instagram influencers are always posing like they're some kind of goddess out of a picturesque postcard. There are probably tourists just around the corner.

These two shots are so similar only for a few minor details.

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Like for example, wearing sunglasses which always makes you look so much more stylish. Tricks people. All tricks.

Why are people on Instagram always dressed to the nines every single time they dine out?

Instagram | @rianne.meijer

Because those are styled shots are not their everyday outfits. For realz.

California dreamin', eh?

Ha, ha, I love how unrealistic those pictures of influencers hanging out from car windows, or better yet, those speeding trains are. Not so smart really.

What you see on Instagram is so much further from the truth it's actually pretty funny.

So next time you want to compete, just realize the game is rigged. Truth.