11+ 'Engineers' Who Faked Their Degree

Isn't it amazing when you see an awesome design that really blows your mind and you think that must've been some engineer that came up with it? That's super awesome.

But engineers aren't gods and they do make mistakes sometimes. The following examples show exactly that even so-called engineers can have a brain fart.

1. Imagine hiring a company to install a fence at your house and this is what they come up with?


I mean, how is this even going to work?

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2. So you wanted a hot tub but couldn't exactly afford one but then you thought, "Why not just use my car to make one?


Hmm, this is interesting.

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3. Getting that fence replaced can be so expensive but this redneck fix idea should do the trick, no?

Reddit | Ostrantula

LOL. Yeah but you can just cut it with scissors.

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4. Looks like someone couldn't afford to replace their window so they decided to put this instead.

Reddit | cassidybazar

Like that tiny hole is really going to make things way safer.

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5. Who says you need a tow when you can just do this?

Reddit | GoudaCheesePlease

No, no, please don't do this at home. This is definitely totally stupid and dangerous.

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6. Who needs a truck when you can fit a basketball net in the trunk of your passenger car?!

Reddit | GaDawg1036

I guess some people take DIY to the next level.

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7. I gotta give this person credit for originality but not much else really.

Reddit | CountrymanR60

Why would you damage your car so you can transport your dirt bike? That baffles me.

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8. I guess this seating area is purely for decoration because there's absolutely no way of actually accessing it.


I suppose they had to do something with it.

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9. This is either really smart or totally stupid.

Reddit | cosmo2D

Hey if it works, right? Don't knock it until you try it as they say. Ha, ha, ha.

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10. I commend them for being wheelchair accessible or wait, what?

Reddit | SacredOrange

They're actually totally not. What were they thinking? This is just too cruel to fathom. I feel so bad.

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11. Talk about a DIY auto repair here.

Reddit | ElBartoJJ

Duct tape can fix everything, but I gotta give them extra points for the AC solution. I would just go to a mechanic.

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12. This is what happens when your contractor comes drunk to work. Right?


Well, he might as well have been. I kinda want to stay in that room though.

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13. When you check into a hotel that advertises as "half-bath" you don't exactly expect this. Do you?

Reddit | ArmyMPSides

How did this even pass inspection? They need a room upgrade ASAP.

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There's a reason it takes years to get your engineering degree but these people clearly thought they can just wing it.


And obviously, that didn't work out as well.

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