16 Pleasantly Warm And Fuzzy Pics

August 29, 2018

Sorry, Conan the Barbarian — seeing your enemies driven before you is not what's best in life.

For me, I really don't know if there's anything better in life than seeing humans being good to each other and taking care of those who can't take care of themselves. Also, treating animals well is just the best. Kindness rocks.

1. "Took my nan to her new care home today that’s for people with dementia, she met a lady who had the same name as her and they held hands the whole time they watched TV, the lady on the left (Gladys) repeatedly said to my nan, 'don’t worry you’ve got me now,'" tweeted @_lilliedowning.

Twitter | @_lilliedowning

2. "We take care of SB community members of all shapes and sizes," the San Bernardino Police department wrote. "Today it was giving these birds some water while patrolling the Orange Show."

Instagram | @san_berndardino_police_dept

3. "My sister has been in this world for 18 yrs and today is the first time she has been offered a menu at a restaurant," tweeted @alyssaherrara33.

Twitter | @alyssaherrera33

Can you imagine the emotions at that table?

4. When a beloved hot dog vendor lost his stand in a fire, students at the University of Toronto started up a GoFundMe for him.

GoFundMe | GoFundMe

Within days, they had raised enough money for him to get his stand up and running again.

5. Trucker's Café in Dallas closes every Monday to feed the homeless.

Facebook | Trucker's Cafe

They don't just leave with full bellies, however — owner Paulette Johnson makes sure they get things like clothes, shoes, and toiletries, too.

6. "Started a new job in a metal plant recently and my boots were old and they were killing my feet, giving me blisters and making my toes bleed. Two guys I've only known for two weeks went in half each on a new pair of boots for me after I said I'd rather take care of my family than my feet," wrote Reddit user junppu.

Reddit | junppu

7. "I was doing my daily checks at work when I discovered a doe and a fawn trapped in our brine ponds," wrote Reddit user BustingDucks. "Got some help and a paddle boat and we got the fawn out first, then went back and got the doe."

Reddit | BustingDucks

"Their legs were cut up pretty bad from trying and failing to get up the liner. Dumped some fresh water on them and they ran off so hopefully they do alright after all that exhaustion."

8. "Sixty years ago my father was a teenager and a new immigrant in 1950s London," tweeted author Guy Gunaratne. 

Twitter | @guygunaratne

"He used to sneak into Foyles every Saturday, sit on the floor and teach himself English. Yesterday, he returned to pick his son’s novel off the shelf. This universe is spectacular."

9. Inspired by other acts of kindness, Reddit user nicolaiw left this homeless man breakfast, juice, and a beer for when he wakes up.

Reddit | Nicolaiw

"I've seen this man every day for the last 2-3 months when I go to work," he wrote. "He's sleeping at a train station, and never bothers anyone. So today I thought I'll make his day a little better."

10. This momma duck and her little ducklings received a stirring escort through several blocks of traffic trying to reach a pond.

Imgur | Propine

And they did indeed make it to their destination safely.

11. "Such a good boy, Max! He stayed with his 3-year-old human who was lost near Warwick Friday night while we frantically searched for her. 

Instagram | @qldpolice

"For keeping her safe, you're now an honorary police dog."

12. "I've had a pretty rough week that started with losing my wallet. Coming home to this last night, after a particularly long day, actually made me cry a bit. 

Reddit | thelonelyheron

"It was sent as priority mail from a few states away."

13. This workplace has a "what makes you happy" wall that one worker posted a request for a kidney donor on.

Reddit | KnittedRoad

And they didn't just receive moral support, but actual action and offers of help to find a donor.

14. Whoever leaves coupons for products around the grocery store for people who need them more deserves a high five.

Reddit | hyms11

This is such a small and simple way to make the world a better place.

15. The prof in charge of this grad school class brings food to every session. 

Reddit | dinohn

Because hungry students aren't great at learning, and grad students all too often don't get three square meals a day.

16. The guy in the Prius here held up traffic with a good purpose.

Reddit | SwampThing72

The homeless guy on the left had dropped some money and the driver stopped traffic so he could pick it up without getting run over.