10+ Of The Worst Things The Characters Ever Did On 'Friends'

All of us know Friends. Most of us love Friends. But how many of us really love the friends of Friends?

Especially when they're so flawed!! How many of these things can you excuse?

The One Where Ross Cheats


This was when they were 'on a break', but when they got back together, he hid it from her.

The One Where The Guys Compare Rachel And Julie


Talking your friend through his relationship problems? That's fine.

Making a pro and cons list about one of your besties that shames her career choices? Rude.

The One Where Rachel Overstayed Her Welcome


In the first episode, Rachel invites herself to stay at Monica's apartment.

Sure they were friends, but they hadn't spoken to each other in years!!

The One Where Phoebe Ruined Monica's Hair


Sure it's hilarious for us, but Monica had to go to work with that on her head!!

The One Where The Gang Is Late For Thanksgiving Dinner At Monica's


After she slaved away in the kitchen to feed them all, none of them bothered to turn up on time or bring any food.

The One With Joey's Hygiene


We can't all be Monica when it comes to cleanliness.

But putting a used spoon back in the drawer?! Ew!

The One Where Chandler Stole Monica's Muffin


Monica ordered a muffin while she and the gang were at Central Perk but Chandler decided he wanted it.

In order to keep it, he licked it all over.

The One Where Ross Sabotaged Rachel's Happiness


When Rachel was happily dating Paolo, Ross was super mean to him.

All because he was too chicken to tell her about his feelings.

The One With Ben's Injury


Monica accidentally hit Ben's head on a beam when babysitting him.

Mistakes happen, especially when children are involved. But keeping it from Ross and Carol was not the right move.

The One Where Ross, Monica and Chandler Are Insensitive


When the gang is out to dinner, they don't seem to understand that the others can't blow money as they can.

The One Where Chandler Hooked Up With Joey's Sister


But the fact that he can't remember which one he hooked up with is the terrible part.

Whichever one it was, she deserved better.

The One Where Phoebe and Chandler Ditched Monica


Monica needed help cooking for the gang's Thanksgiving.

They lied and told her they were busy watching football. The thing is neither of them like football.

They just didn't want to help her.

The One Where Rachel Stole Monica's Man


Rachel insisted on asking out Jean-Claude Van Damme for Monica.

But she ended up asking him out for herself.

The One Where Rachel Was Embarrassed By Phoebe


Rachel didn't want to go running with Phoebe because of her unique running style.

So she lied and went running on her own.

The One With Ross' Misogynistic Trust Issues


When Rachel got a new job, Ross didn't trust her to be alone with any of her male co-workers.

And even creepily staked his claim on her by sending stuff to her work.

The One Where Everyone Was Late To Phoebe's Birthday


This was just a terrible move on their part.

We understand everyone has issues, but no one even bothered to call Phoebe to warn her!

The One Where Ross And Rachel Got Married


And then Ross didn't tell Rachel they were still married after she asked for an annulment.


The One Where Joey Was A Pervert


Only because Monica and Chandler kept setting him up to seem that way.

That was not a good move on their part.

The One Where Ross Yelled At Rachel


This was the most awkward moment of the whole show, probably.

Rachel wasn't getting ready fast enough for Ross and he blasted her in front of everyone!

The One With The Gender Roles


To be fair, a lot of them are guilty of this.

But when Rachel hired a male nanny, Ross thought it wasn't manly enough of a job.

The One Where Chandler Was A Jerk


Remember when they went to London, and Joey was super excited?

Why on earth was Chandler being such a jerk to him the entire time? He was such ad owner the entire trip!

The One Where Rachel Made Bonnie Shave Her Head


All because she didn't like the fact that she was beautiful, and with Ross.

This was a terrible thing to do, no matter how funny it was to the viewers.

When Ross Kissed Chandler's Mom


This was so awkward.

I mean granted, it wasn't exactly his fault, but come on Ross. Why is it always you in these situations?