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9+ Back-To-School Hacks For Moms Who Want To Get Organized

Now that it's almost August, parents can't help but start thinking about their kids going back to school. And you know what comes with that? Getting back into the routine.

Every parent knows how important it is to keep things organized and running smoothly once kids go back to school. With these hacks, you'll have no problems getting things done.

1. Stick Everyone on the Same Sleeping Schedule

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It's so important to get the kids to bed early so they're refreshed for school in the morning. That's the key.

2. Get Everyone Well Hydrated

Lack of hydration can make you sluggish and unproductive. So ensure you have plenty of water on hand for you and your kids.

3. Get Plenty of Snacks Ahead of Time

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Things can get hectic when school starts, so stock up on handy snacks like granola bars, smoothie pops, and so on.

4. Stock Up On Chocolate

Did you know that eating chocolate can help you remember things? So stick some chocolate in your kids' lunch bags for that memory boost.

5. Make Use Of Sticky Notes


Easily keep track of all the tasks in your daily organizer with bright sticky notes so you can plan your day like a champ.

6. DIY Sponge Ice-Packs

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Keep those lunches cool by making these cute DIY sponge ice-packs. All you need is a freezer bag and you're all set to go.

7. Create A Mail Folder Or Designated Space For Notes

Designate a pocket in your kid's backpack for teacher correspondence or create a special mail folder to keep things well organized.

8. Create A Command Center In Your House

If you have the space, you can set up a command center in your house for all chores and tasks.

9. Set Up Cubbies

No more rummaging for backpacks or shoes when you've got this super handy cubby area where you can keep everything ready to go. How awesome!

10. Prepare An Assembly Line For Lunches

Making lunches can get so daunting but if you have it all planned out you can make it a breeze. What a great system.

11. Set Up A Back To School Checklist

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This handy checklist will help you ensure you've got everything you need for back to school so you can stay stress-free.

12. Plan Outfits For The Week

For many kids, choosing clothes in the morning can be stressful and time-consuming. Use an organizer like this to plan outfits for the entire week ahead of time.

13. Whiteboard Organizer

You can make one of these whiteboard planners using a dollar store frame. Just pop in a schedule, grab a dry-erase marker, and write your weekly activities on the glass.

14. Caddies To The Rescue

You can find these storage caddies at the dollar store and they're great for setting up a homework spot in your home.

15. Never Lose A Cap Again

Tape all your marker caps together to stop them from getting lost. No more dried-out markers!

16. Put A Chalkboard In Your Home

Having a chalkboard at home is a great way to keep the whole family organized. Put up weekly schedules, menus, and activities in a spot where everyone can see them.

17. Snack Time Anyone?

A tiered organizer like this is perfect for quickly packing lunches or setting out after-school snacks. Genius!

18. Organization Is The Key To Saving Money

Instead of having your kids come to you all the time asking for new school supplies, see what happens when you set up a school supply drawer at home.

Make sure they return everything to its place when they're done. Chances are you'll save a lot of money on new supplies, just by being organized.

19. A Great Way To Teach Kids About Priorities

Kids can often become overwhelmed by the busyness of school. This organizer helps them learn how to prioritize tasks and choose the best order to get things done.

20. Make A "Smile File"

A large Ziploc bag is all you need! Simply write your child's name, grade, and the year on the front. Throughout the year, add art, notes from teachers, or other mementos into the bag for an easy way to hold on to special memories.

21. Color Code The Clock

Keep your kids' schedules moving smoothly by creating a color-coded clock so they know how much time they should spend on each task.

22. Create Reminder Bracelets

Keep things on track with these cute reminder bracelets your kids can wear so they won't forget important things like returning library books or bringing money for lunch.

I know you don't exactly want to think about back to school yet, but trust me, if you don't, it will just sneak up on you.

So get yourself organized now!

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