These New 'Unicorn Morsels' From Nestle Toll House Make Baking Magical

Amy Pilkington 26 Jul 2019

If you have any experience with chocolate chip cookies — and if you don't, how have you even lived? — then you're probably familiar with Nestle Toll House.

For most Americans, they are the chocolate chips and the classic cookie recipe on the package is the only recipe that matters.

So, you know, Nestle Toll House knows what they're doing.

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Over the years, they've released variations of the classic chocolate morsel, from dark chocolate or white chocolate, to flavors like espresso.

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I suppose it was only a matter of time before they joined the unicorn food craze.


Without any fanfare, Unicorn morsels have begun appearing on store shelves and they're definitely photogenic.

The package also includes a new recipe for Unicorn Magic Sugar Cookies, which sound really tasty.

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These morsels don't contain any chocolate, nor are they white chocolate-based.


They are made of sugar and palm kernel oil, with vanilla extract for flavor. Of course, there is also food coloring used. So if you're looking for an all-natural cookie morsel, these aren't them.

But for the occasional party or treat, I think they are super cute and could be used to garnish all sorts of fun and colorful desserts.

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