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14+ Pics That Are More Sinister Than They First Appear

Dan 26 Jul 2019

The world is full of spooky sites and spooky places. It's also full of spooky pics. The nice thing about the pics? You can view them without having to be exposed to the source of the spookiness. We can't guarantee that these things won't reappear in your dreams, though.

1. If GoT got really dark.

Reddit | PikachuGoat

The Paris Catacombs are an urban explorer's dream (or maybe their nightmare if they don't have a map). I don't know who built this throne out of human bones down there, and I don't think I want to know.

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2. When storms raise the dead.

Reddit | DarthGaff

Seeing a storm bring down a big tree is pretty routine. It's all part of the circle of life. Sometimes, said circle of life literally rips coffins out of the ground as well.

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3. You captured my likeness perfectly.

Reddit | 9w_If9

This isn't just some ugly looking bust. It's actually one of four heads made from cotton, soap and human hair that Alcatraz prisoners put in their beds to aid in their 1962 escape from the facility.

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4. Clowns, man.

Reddit | AmishElectrician92

Yes, clowns are creepy even at the best of times. This is most assuredly not the best of times, either, as these clown outfits belonged to serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

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5. The last thing you'll see.

Reddit | townie27

This is apparently sniper camouflage from World War I. Rather than trying to blend into the surrounding foliage, this sniper was apparently intent on blending into your absolute worst nightmares.

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6. A+ execution.

Reddit | d4hm3r

Sinking this life-sized Jason statue in Crystal Lake seems like good, clean fun. But man, if you put this down there, the scuba diver heart attacks that are sure to result are totally on you.

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7. Ancient misfortune.

Reddit | andreasreddit1

This man died 2,300 years ago, and is extraordinarily well preserved by the peat bog he was buried in. He didn't die peacefully, though. As you can see by the rope still around his neck, he was ritualistically sacrificed.

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8. Guess I'm staying out of Kansas City.

Reddit | samerooo

I'm not saying that a guy who drives a Buick that's covered with arcane text and doll body parts is a serial killer. I'm just saying that it's probably best to avoid whatever exit this guy pulls off at.

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9. Oh, hi Mark.

Reddit | Gavinardo

A guy in Portland returned to his parked car to find the tires slashed, along with this freaky note. If I received something like this I'd probably burn all of my possessions and assume a new identity.

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10. Not a happy place.

Reddit | AmishElectrician92

This electric chair, nicknamed "Ole Smokey" for the way it would, well, smoke bodies, was the last thing that more than 125 condemned prisoners sat in before they were executed.

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11. Voldemort?

Reddit | M7plusoneequalsm8

Lots of tombstones have a small photo of the person on them. It's a nice way to remember what someone was like in life. Apparently this Russian tombstone honors some kind of dark magic necromancer.

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12. Ding-dong.

Reddit | FatNDepressed

This person got a notification from their smart doorbell in the middle of the night telling them they had a visitor, and showed them this picture. If I were you, I'd stay in bed. And maybe call the cops.

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13. They've got a system.

Reddit | d4hm3r

The skulls of these Aztec human sacrifice victims tell you exactly what you need to know: the Aztecs sacrificed people, and they had a specific method: bash them really hard on the right side of their skull.

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14. The nope chamber.

Reddit | SearchingSeries

This foreboding staircase leads to Death Row at Missouri State Penitentiary. It's hard to fathom just how much human misery has accumulated in places like this. I'll stay at the top of the steps, thanks.

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15. Time to sell.

Reddit | zetallon3

After recent flooding in Kansas, earthworms needed to get out of the sodden ground. Usually they congregate on sidewalks, but in at least one case, they totally took over a person's home.

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16. Clear messaging.

Reddit | King_Toad

There are a few variants of warning signs, ranging all the way from stop signs to more advanced stuff with flashing lights. I think a sign urging you to "prevent your death" with a Grim Reaper pic makes it clear how serious the warning is.

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17. Under the sea.

Reddit | jaki1012

It's not like I would expect the suction cups of squid tentacles to look soft and cuddly or anything, but I also didn't expect each cup to be a tiny mouth with a set of razer-sharp teeth, either.

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18. Two-faced.

Reddit | happybubby

This couple picture is pretty cute until you notice the reflection behind these two. This is as disturbing as photos get. Here's looking at you.

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19. Knock-Knock.

Reddit | Rustafo

This person heard someone bounding on their door one night. The next day, they found these marks. Not creepy? How about the fact that they live alone in the country? Yep, moving time.

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20. Boozy monster?

Reddit | _BLACK_BY_NAME_

So this is a mannequin someone found in the woods that was dressed up and holding a bottle of alcohol. Sure, it could be something someone set up on purpose. But doesn't it also kinda look like a mannequin that came to life and is now taking a break from the world to enjoy a bit of booze? Eeeesh.

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21. MRI's are fun.

Reddit | ismailizhere

These wondrous machines use magnetic resonance to help health professionals diagnose all kinds of problems. They also provide enough nightmare fuel to last a lifetime. Seriously, what's up with those eyes?

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22. Nope, nope, nope.

Reddit | AceFloresX

Someone found this in their summer home's attic. And I'd assume after that, they put that summer home up for sale because, again, nope.

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23. A hop and a skip.

Reddit | renderfreak

Someone found a random pair of footprints in the frost on their deck one morning. The worst part? It's just the one pair. No others. Which begs the question, where did that person go?

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24. Eating in.

Reddit | JamsisYT

This looks like a pleasant family scene. But considering it's taken deep underground in a bomb shelter, complete with a table of reinforced iron, it's a glimpse of what life could have looked like after a nuclear apocalypse.

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25. Out of the darkness.

Reddit | [deleted]

Leopard seals aren't the most dangerous thing in the ocean, and I don't think they'd go after a human. But taking a midnight dip in the water and seeing this would be enough to make me a landlubber for life.

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26. What a cute pic...wait a second.

Reddit | barrychenault

At first glance, this pic looks pretty sweet. Until you notice the random, detached hand sticking out from behind the head of the guy in the orange shirt. Some people assume it's a flag, but look closely. Those are definitely fingers.

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27. Don't knock.

Reddit | hotshame

This may look like a secluded doorway, but it's even worse than that. This is just some random door that someone stumbled upon in the middle of the woods. My suggestion? Don't try to open that door.

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28. Not all Volkswagens are cute.

Reddit | AmishElectrician92

The Beetle, whether you're talking about the original or the newer models, is an iconic, adorable car. Things get a tad more sinister when you consider that this particular Beetle was used by serial killer Ted Bundy to kidnap his victims.

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29. This seems like a bad omen.

Reddit | Snaab

It's strange enough to see a giant flock of birds all congregating on the road like this together. It's even stranger to see them all facing in the same direction. Who knows? Maybe they were all walking that way together, too.

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30. Weird place for a cabin.

Reddit | Thecooldudex

This cabin once stood in the middle of pristine wilderness, but it now sits, untouched, in an FBI holding facility. That's because it's prime evidence, as it was built and lived in by the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

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