70,000 People Want To Storm Loch Ness To Find ‘Dat Big Boi’

We may not be able to band together as a society to enact change regarding things like world hunger or climate change, but we sure as heck like to come together in order to solve a good conspiracy theory.

When an idea is outrageously funny, it isn't hard for what started off as a joke to snowball into a full-blown plan that ends up being taken very seriously by mainstream media.

Like storming Area 51 for instance.

Were one million of us actually going to infiltrate a government testing facility in order to find proof of aliens because "they can't stop us all"? Definitely not. But was the joke taken so darn far that we managed to convince the Pentagon themselves that this may be a legitimate threat to security? Oh yes. We really did that.

Now, us truth-finders have a new mission.


70,000 people are 'planning' to storm the famous Loch Ness in order to find ol' Nessie herself, or as the Facebook Event calls her, "dat big boi."

The Facebook event was created by a man named Bryan Richards.


In a similar fashion to the proposed Area 51 raid, the rationale is that if enough people storm the location at the exact same time, security of any kind will not be able to stop all of us.

In the case of this particular event, Nessie herself will also apparently be unable to hide from everyone who is there to find her.

Similar to Area 51, we don't really know what we'll find.


The Loch Ness Monster is basically the monarch of magical creature folklore, with a lot of people on either side of the debate regarding her existence.

The goal of the event is to find something that we're not even positive is real, which kind of makes it all the more hilarious.

Those who have RSVP'd to the event have already begun to ask the tough questions.


Will snacks be provided? How much does parking cost? Will we find Area 51 at the bottom of Loch Ness? Is it not about finding Nessie herself, but rather, the friends we made a long the way?

One commenter suggested drinking the entire lake with massive straws.


"If we all bring giant straws, we can drink/drain the lake," she writes, "thus revealing lake boi."

I'm sure that the official Trump 2020 Campaign website will be happy to provide us with the straws we need.

The best comments are those that legitimately question the details of the endeavor.


"What happens when we find her?" one person writes, "I suggest harpoon but open to ideas."

Ah, humanity. Must we ruin everything we discover?

Will you be joining the masses to find Dat Big Boi?


You can RSVP on the official event Facebook Page, but make sure not to forget your swimsuit. Or your giant straws.

h/t: Facebook