10+ Photos That Will Inspire You To Book A Salon Appointment

Having gorgeous and flawless hair is every girl's dream, isn't it? I know it's mine. So when I see the kind of things that can be done with hair I'm often blown away.

With the right hairstylist, you can have the most amazing hair transformation and the following pictures are the perfect examples of the magic they can create.

1. From Long And Plain To Short And Fabulous

I absolutely love this super cute short 'do on this pretty lady. It really brings out all her features.

2. From Red Mess To Red Wow

Here's a similar case where the long hair was just dragging this lady's look down. A fabulous short 'do is what she needed.

3. From Damaged To Healthy

In this case, the hair looked very dull and damaged but with the right treatment, it now looks like it's alive and well.

4. From Boring To Daring

And how about going for something a little bit more daring like this silver hairdo? I would be so tempted to try this.

5. From Curly Mess To Curly Fab

Curly hair can be a challenge to deal with but when you put your trust in the right person it can look amazing.

6. From Brass To Fiery Red

Red hair is something I've dabbled in but I've never gone quite as fiery as this. This color will definitely stop traffic.

7. From Outdated Highlights To New Heights

Check out this amazing highlights transformation. Wow, I'm really impressed by this amazing color job. The highlights really stand out here.

8. From Simple Curly To Curly Amazing

I secretly wish I had crazy curly hair, but I know they're a lot of work sometimes. This is so pretty.

9. From Boring Brown To Vibrant Violet

This look is not for the faint of heart because going violet like this is definitely making quite a statement. Amazing.

10. From No Color To Color Me Happy

You won't believe this color transformation. It's simply amazing. This lady's new do is totally smashing. I kinda want it now.

11. From Plain Blonde To Icy Tones

Wow, this girl could be the next ice queen. This transformation really takes her look to totally new heights here. I love it.

12. From Too Long Too Short Babe

Sometimes your hair may just get too long and a change is needed. I think this lady is happy to rock this 'do.

13. From Blah To Kicking Butt

What a difference can a bold look make? This lady looked a bit blah before but now she's ready to kick some serious butt.

14. From Brown To Blonde

This pretty lady already looked great with her long hair but short hair gave her so much more sass. Then she went blond and... wow! Amazing transformation here.

15. From Frizz To Smooth

I know my hair can go crazy frizzy especially when it's humid outside so I wish I could transform my mane as this lady did.

16. From Simple To Gorgeous

Sometimes when you already have a shorter 'do it's much easier to go even shorter. The results can still blow you away.

17. From Brassy To Beach Waves

Leave it to the professionals, ladies, because this hair maven added a bit of depth to this hairdo and voilĂ  what a difference.

18. From Long To Fun

Don't let those long locks drag you down because just chopping things off a bit can make you look like a standout. Oh yes!

21. From Safe To Fiery

Wow, talk about a wild color choice here. I've gone red before but never quite this red. This is both fiery and fierce.

19. From Plain Jane To Wonderful

It can be scary to make a drastic change with your look and especially when it comes to hair but it pays off.

20. From Ordinary To Styled

I've always admired this type of cuts. They're so different and it's amazing how the angle gives you such a refined look. This is cool.

22. From Simply Long To Simply Stunning

Wow, what a difference can a haircut make? Huh? I wish I had the balls to go for a bold look like this.

These hair transformations are so inspiring I'm contemplating getting a haircut myself.

Perhaps a change is what I need right now. What do you think? Should I go for it?